EASY Jazz to Spice up Your Guitar Solos and Rhythms

Hey guys, just posted a new FREE video on how to add the simple and easy jazz to color your style and add some spice.

Click Here For Video; Adding Jazz to Your Current Style

If you have ANY thought on this video, please post it below!
Thanks again and ENJOY!
~Doug Seven


  1. Absolutely fantastic work Doug. Please keep those great videos coming. You are the best guitar instructor i've ever met in my life.
    God Bless You.


  2. love the vid Doug. great approach to your playing, totaly makes sense without all the bull......you sure can talk though...but it's always worth it in the end ha ha!.

  3. Hi Doug,
    I have been watching your webcasts and your videos and will confirm what everybody tells you!! You are making a difference to alot of people!

    Every time I watch you, I listen intensely to what you say and your playing and try to incorporate what I'm able to into my own practice/playing.

    I'm going to play around with the BLUES scale on one string and find a moveable shape that works well and run with it!! I'm self taught and been at it for a little over 2 years (53yrs old), and am very passionate about it.


  4. Doug I really enjoy your playing and your vids seem like good quality, but I think a little less talk is good. No offense.

  5. Exactly what i was looking for ! You are the man Doug.I have been through so many teachers and no one showed me anything like that.
    Thanx, Dave Blanche sr.

  6. Praise the Lord.
    Thanks Doug!

  7. Doug,

    Keep it up and talk as long as you like, I totally understand your enthusiasm. I don't know why folks complain when you've give so much away for free. Thanks for the clear, useful information you deliver with every video.


  8. Doug, to put spice in the voice, just speed up the WMV player. Sounds great. Just Kiddin' ! Keep on doing this, I really like it. Suppose I'll never be a country player but there really is much of spin off from your stuff for any style. I like it, & it's a very fine way to continue exploring the neck of my axe. Gives me some kind of new vibes coming in. Good vibrations !
    Keep on rocking !

  9. As usual Doug, another awesome chunk of info. Thanks Bro!

  10. I just had a chance to watch you video and you really nailed it. Keep doing the videos because they really are a blessing. THANK YOU!

  11. Just received the Jazz dvd after ordering only 2 days before. I was quite pleased, and quite pleased that I was able to 'get' what you were teaching. Keep the humor intact. I have 100's of other instructional dvd's, but none so easy to use the info NOW. Very D. Gatton like. That's cool. So I thank you for the great insight and for making the ol' brain 'click'.

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  13. Love your teachings man! I've learned so much! Im saving a little bit of money to buy all your dvd's