[Brilliant Video] Guitar Solo That PLAYS ITSELF


Click the Video or Click HERE to Watch and Download The SOLO That Plays Itself (From The 48 Simply Fantastic Country Guitar licks)

Take a break from the normal routine and let me show you an incredibly powerful guitar technique that ANYONE of ANY level can learn in less than 10 minutes. (literally)

You see... some licks and solos play themselves *automatically* with absolutely NO effort from you at all.

Your only job is to listen to yourself in BLISS.

When you have this secret-ingredient taught in today's free-video... You Can Play Beautifully-Tasteful Solos BLIND FOLDED!

I want to give you this secret-ingredient TODAY for free.

I'm going to show you how using ONLY 2 strings (in harmony) will almost magically create infinite solos FOR you

And best of all.... you don't even have to know the chord changes when you know this simple technique!

This is a little-known "hack" in the world of soloing,

I promise, you will feel like you're CHEATING when you see this trick!

Click Here To Watch and Download the Backing Tracks and tabs!

Doug Seven

P.S. I know it sounds like a BIG claim, but wait till you see it in action.

P.P.S. To make it even better, I'm going to GIVE you the Download of the Tabs and the Backing Tracks (Both With My Guitar Parts and Without)

So You Can Use This Special Ingredient For Yourself While Playing Along With The Band.

Do NOT Miss This Lesson!

Simply Fantastic Country Guitar Licks SOLO!

Here's a FULL Solo From Inside This NEW Program Called "48 Simply Fantastic Country Guitar Licks" 

If You Want to Learn to Play OLDER Classic Country (When Country Music was Actually Country Music) Licks and FULL Solos From Guitarists Like Roy Nichols, James Burton, Don Rich and MANY Others;

You're Going to LOVE This New DVD! It's chock FULL of simple, basic country guitar licks and solos that ANY level of guitarist can learn in NO TIME.

In Today's Video, Doug is Going to Show You How to Play a FULL Country Guitar Solo in James Burton, Roy Nichols and Merle Haggard Style! 

If you want to see EVEN MORE clips and check out this NEW Fantastic Guitar Lesson, Just Click HERE 

TABS and Backing Track For This Old Country Lick and Solo

Example #1 in A

Example #2 in D back to A

Example #3 in E back to A

Here's Your Backing Track to Play Along With: 

Jimmy Olander Plays the Lick Doug Seven

Check out Jimmy Olander (Diamond Rio) Playin' His Famous Lick That We Did For The Contest a While Back! He told me he was going to put it on video... Can't believe he did! lol
He's one of the VERY BEST in my book! Enjoy...

Wanna learn this exact guitar style over the weekend? 

Chicken Pickin Champ Doug Seven Vince Gill Solo

Here's Bradley: Doing a KILLER job on a Vince Gill Solo taught in "The Legendary Licks of Vince Gill"

You want to learn these FULL solos from Vince Gill?
You'll be learning this stuff in (literally) 10 minutes from NOW.

Click HERE and ENJOY
(the link above takes you to our 100% secure store-page where you'll get the INSTANT download of the FULL-Version video lessons with killer backing tracks and tabs for each note - IF you don't totally love it, just send us an email (from your receipt) and we'll refund every penny ASAP)

Tell me what you think of Brad's video in the comments below!

Blues Masterclass Students Killing It!


Here's Bob Figlo - He sent this to my email about 3 days after he purchased the Blues Masterclass Lessons! I'm always SO Proud when someone actually DOES THE WORK and digs in!

Here's the 1st SOLO

Here's the 2nd SOLO! He Totally NAILS it! 

Here's What's Inside Doug Seven's Blues Masterclass Total Guitar Package;

DVD 1 – The Blues Masterclass Modules Training (21 Full Solos/Instrumentals with Complete Lesson at the End of Each Module - ALSO comes With Slow Video Versions of Each Solo For Capturing and Perfecting Your Technique)

DVD 2 – 5 Minute Domination Exercises Videos (One-on-One "Private Lesson Style" Exercises. With Doug as Your Personal COACH - Doug Takes You By The Hand, and as You Practice Together, He Shows You (at your own pace) What To Work on In REAL-TIME

CD-ROM – Companion CD/Tabs and Real-Band Backing Tracks (Your Tabs and Masterclass "CHEAT SHEETS" Plus Full Dynamic Practice Tracks With and Without Guitar and in 3 Different Keys Each For Perfect Practice. The Full Solo CD is Included on Your CD-Rom Too)!

I POURED My Heart Into Creating These 21 Solos.
This is NOT Just A Bunch of Licks Thrown Into a Song.

EACH Solo Has a Very Specific Function To SHOW You and Teach You
The Dynamics of Playing Artfully and Soulfully With Precision!

Step by Step, as You Watch These Videos and Learn The Parts, You'll
Notice (as a By-Product) Your Playing and Your MIND Transforming
and You'll Begin To Integrate These Techniques Into Your
Playing Automatically!

You'll Start Playing The Kinds of Leads and Solos You've Always Heard From
MAJOR Players, and You'll Quickly Understand "HOW" They Create Serious
Impact in Their Songs and Music!

• Soulful Melodic Phrasing - You'll be making melodies with your guitar that people like to sing along to. These are the kind of solos that are remembered and "go down in history".

• Playing Against the Grain - You'll know how to change the mood of any song and create a "pattern-Interrupt" with this technique.

• 16th Note Triplets - There's a time and place for using this technique. I'll show you EXACTLY when and more importantly, WHERE to use this  to really make your solos stand out!

• Playing in 'Odd-Timings' - I'll show you an easy way to change your "thinking" about timings and how to really add SPICE to your leads (and rhythms) during your parts.

• Mixing Hybrid, Double and Triple-Stops - This is vitally important. Using these techniques is where you'll start to sound "different" than the rest, and your "typical" blues solos and leads will get NOTICED.

• 16th Note Double-Time Phrasing - This technique is used when you want to PUSH the song into a climactic section and really change things up with the ENERGY and overall FEELING.

• Playing 'Outside-the-Box' - One of the fastest ways to sound advanced is to learn one or two simple note-choices that I'll show you inside every solo!

• Easy Ways to Mix JAZZ into Your Phrasings - You'll quickly see how UN-complicated this really is. It "sounds" hard, but I'll show you EASY TRICKS to add some jazz into your leads and solos.

• Climactic Rhythm Techniques - Want to add some SERIOUS body to your sound and fill up your leads during a solo? I'll show you some SIMPLE but amazingly POWER-RHYTHMS you can easily throw into your songs.

• Mixing Rhythm Within the Phrases - It's so impressive to hear a guitarist that can MIX rhythm into and in between his solos. It creates a variety of coolness. You'll learn exactly when, where and how to do this.

• Adding Bass-Lines to Your Solo Parts - Another great way to enhance your lead parts is to do this trick I'll show you in each module (and in the 5-minute practices) to SPICE up your solo.

• Creative and Unique Bending Techniques - Pre bends, post-bends make EVERY part of your solo more melodic and "voice-sounding". This is a VERY overlooked and underrated technique.

• Movable Chords and Using Triads - You'll learn how to use ALL techniques-in-one by taking rhythm, lead and single phrases to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL with these movable triads and chord shapes I'll show you.

Are you ready to start playing with some serious DYNAMICS and learn INFINITE ways to express your musical language?


Super Right Hand Rhythm Technique Steal This Lick From Volume 4

Hey guys, I just shot this new video for you today!

This is a GREAT example of how a SIMPLE Rhythm Technique can give you infinite "transition lick" ideas and multiple licks to 'build' from.

And I managed to keep it under 10 minutes (I'm getting better :-)

Also, I'm giving you Tabs and Practice Backing Tracks to download and work on it -Just follow the link below for your FREE downloads!

You'll LOVE this one!
Doug Seven

P.S. there's also a very exclusive (to you) link on this page I think you'll be very interested to see ;-)
Just Go Here and Download Your Tabs and Backing Tracks!

Steal This HOT Country Jazz Guitar Solo

Hey guys! 
Are ya ready to learn a SUPER cool, and fairly easy guitar solo -with a little Jazz thrown in.

In this week's video (comes with free backing tracks and tabs download) I'm going to show you a killer, "Brent mason style" solo...

... (I think you can learn it this afternoon if you wanted to)!

In today's short video, we'll learn a Tasteful solo Over a Simple 1-4-5 (A-D-E) Country Groove and break down;
  •  The Simple System Around This Entire Solo (That Will Help You With All of Your Guitar Work)
  •  Borrowing From "Thought process" of Danny Gatton (Playing Outside The Box and Create Better Colorful Phrases)
  •  Using What you Already Know and Adding Some Easy Jazz 'thoughts' To make it really stand out
  •  Get Your Right Hand and 'Chicken Pickin' Sound in your Solos
  •  Using Simple Pentatonic Scales (and Shapes) to Connect ALL The Chords and Licks Around The Song
  •  Using Open Strings in The Background (to Add FULLNESS To Your Licks and Solos)
  • Break OUT of The "Pentatonic JAIL" With Today's Video

See You INSIDE - Click HERE!

Thanks so much for always watching my videos
Doug Seven

P.S. I've included the Tabs and The Track PLUS a slower version of the backing track to help you get your hands and dead wrapped around this solo!

Click Here To Watch and Download Your FREE Tabs and Tracks

New Modern Rhythm Techniques and Chops

Lately, I've gotten an unusual amount of requests to cover some of the newer Rhythm Techniques that you hear me playing...
Here's a great video (less than 10 minutes) demonstrating 3 different HOT Rhythm techniques you can start playing today. (You'll be surprised to know that you've been playing some of this already and didn't know it)

Click on the video to go straight to the page! 

Steal This Roy Nichols Country Jazz Lick

Roy Nichols Had such an AWESOME way of mixing Country and Jazz styles in his solos and licks!
Here's the First Lick from the "Timeless Licks and Style of Roy Nichols".

I'm giving away the DOWNLOADS for FREE! 
Get All 4 Part of The Video Including TABS and BACKING TRACKS by Going HERE!

Steal This Lick! 

 Don't Forget To Grab your FREE Videos, Tabs and Backing Tracks Downloads!

Great Country and Blues Guitar Tone On a Shoestring Budget

How to Get a Spankin' and Poppin' Country and Blues 
Guitar Tone Even if You're on a Shoestring Budget!

Doug Seven takes YOU on a (Slightly Entertaining) ROAD-TRIP to the store to get everything we'll need to get a versatile, country, blues and rock tone that can be used on the stage, in the studio or even in a basement jam session. 


On camera, we'll purchase a COMPLETE guitar rig fit for clubs and jams... This video will PUT TO REST the opinion that it takes expensive equipment to really get a modern Nashville tone! Then We'll head back home and set up all the gear and pedals for you.  

In this video, we'll answers these most 
important questions and more about your tone 

(having a little too much fun included at NO charge)

All The Pedals You Need and How To Set Them!

Steal This Vince Gill Solo

Hey! Doug Seven here with a great Steal This Lick Video with Tabs, Backing Track Downloads and all...

This is a Short But VERY Fun Vince Gill Solo From One of His Great Hits in the 90's (they were all great).

Pay Attention in this video, around the 5:20 Minute Mark, I Give You an Incredible "Trick of The Trade" That will Help You Learn ALL Future Licks and Solos MUCH FASTER and More Accurately.

Believe it or not, 90% of Guitar Tabs out there on the net are DEAD WRONG.

I'll Show You How to KNOW For Sure How the Actual Artist Played The Lick or Solo Originally!

ENJOY! Check it Out Here on the Blog;

Or, Go Straight to the Site Page (this is where your downloads are)

Talk real soon okay?!
Doug Seve

Country Guitar - Video #3

Country Guitar (Palooza)! 
(Free-Video-3) The Golden Guitar Technique

WOW, This little guitar video series is making records for us at Sizzling Guitar!

With OVER 10,000 viewers since MONDAY, this is really turning out to be MUCH MORE than I could've ever expected!

I'm really overwhelmed at reading your Facebook comments too -It's more than inspiring!

Listen - Video-Day #3 is keeping with the "#1 Guitar Technique Ever" theme this week;

  • a Very Killer (super easy) Way To Play The Diminished Scale (hint: I use it over the IV chord)

  • How To Expand Your Fretboard Knowledge in 5 Seconds with This One Technique

  • How Learning This Technique Will Give You An "Edge" That Will Help You Learn Almost Anything Automatically

These are ALL FREE Lesson Videos in case you haven't been with us on this series!

Come join the FUN!!! Click HERE For Video #3!

See You THERE!

Please keep leaving your wonderful comments below the videos!

Doug Seven 

P.S. You can imagine how cool it was to see these viewer stats yesterday

Country Guitar

 Country Guitar - Video #2 Steal This Lick 
Long Scale Phrase Lesson Part 1 of 2

You ready for Video #2 in this week's "#1 Best Guitar Technique EVER" video series!
In this week's video, Doug Seven will show you a very cool country guitar lick in a repetitive technique. 

These Are Some Things To Expect From Today's Lesson; 
  • Your Speed, Timing and Accents
  • Transposing Licks INTO SOLOS
  • Better knowledge of the fretboard
  • Thinking in shapes and patterns 
Here's some things to watch for in the video! 
@2:35 in the video - We'll learn a smokin' fast hot lick using chromatic notes that has that great chicken pickin' country guitar sound.

@8:00 - Doug shows you the MAGIC of phrasing by breaking it up into 'chunks' of notes and changing the timing. 

@10:10 - Doug talks about the absolute BEST and most productive way to learn and practice anything new!

@11:30 - How to make boring scales RELEVANT and fresh by doing this 1 VITAL thing when you practice!

Basically, if you are needing some MAJOR shortcuts and HEAVY inspiration, you need to be ON TODAY'S VIDEO with us!

The #1 BEST Guitar Technique EVER?

The #1 Guitar Trick EVER? Free For YOU!

Hey, it's Doug here!
I feel like I have SO MUCH to share with you that I can't fit it all in;

Grayson Levi (now 9-months old) still hasn't figured out the "sleeping thing" (So, I've been "working extra hours" here at the studio! :) 

See Video for Proof :) (plus I explain important info in this video)

We're celebrating our 8th Great Year at Sizzling Guitar Licks...

And MANY other great things that I can't get into here...

Anyway, here's the part that has everything to do with YOU;

I have the most *incredible "Steal This Lick Video Series" for you!

It has so many GOLDEN NUGGETS!

I CANNOT WAIT until you watch this and hear what you have to say!

I'm serious too.... Here's the scoop;

There is VERY SIMPLE system that I use for EVERY lick or technique I know.

If you EVER want to learn anything new on the guitar, this is the #1 secret to making it SHINE

The #1 guitar secret of all the guitar legends past and present.

What I have for you is a series of fun "creative-thinking" exercises that opens up a WORLD of possibilities with your current style!

When you know how to use this, it will totally REVOLUTIONIZE your overall technique and style.

Sound good? Well, I Wanted to Give it To Ya FREE!

In The Next 17 Minutes From Now You Can Learn;
  • A Killer Open String Riff -Brent Mason and Brad Paisley Style- 
  • How To Apply a Little-Known Technique -That Instantly Opens The Throttle on Your Speed-
  • Mix and Fuse it Together -This Is The SECRET SAUCE That Makes Just 1 LICK or Idea Truly UNLIMITED!
  • Learn How To Apply Time Distortion/Advanced Playing Outside The Box and The "Playing Against The Grain" Techniques

In Video #1 (just day 1) you'll learn; 
@ 3:07 in the video -  A Famous Brent Mason Cross-Picking Open String Lick

@6:30 - A HUGE Brad Paisley Secret to Transposing

@8:15 - We'll Change the Time Signature on the Same Exact Phrase

@11:20 - The #1 SECRET is Revealed - How to Start Playing Outside The Box NOW

@12:20 - Time Distortion - Many Call This "Playing Against The Grain"

Remember, That's Just DAY 1!

This is What The Best Players of All Time Have Done That Separates Them From The Rest!

There's also 7 Free-Backing-Tracks and the whole shebang!

I wanted to come out of winter with a BANG, and I want you to come with me.

I also wanted to THANK YOU sincerely, and FROM MY HEART, for the BEST (now 8) years of my life!

Here's to ANOTHER 8 YEARS!

Thanks for reading and always clicking through to ALL the videos!
~Doug Seven

P.S. There's also a very "Exclusive to YOU" reason to watch this video ASAP!

Doug Seven is Cleaning House!

Hey guys, a lot of NEW things going on around here (much of it has a lot to do with YOU) and it's all very exciting, but more about that in a minute... 

I just wanted you to know that we've been working on managing and organizing all the content I've done in the 8+ years doing these videos (you can probably imagine how much is out there, spread all over the internet).

When I'm working on new guitar lessons, steal this lick videos and new products for you, we work at the speed of thought around here and things get REALLY messy! LOL 

So, as you can see that this blog has had a little face-lift and a lot of the content like the famous and HIGHLY VIEWED "Steal This Lick" videos are going to be here on this blog site from now on, and the EVER GROWING and Inspiring "Chicken Pickin Champions" page and videos will be posted here too! 

Also, the Sizzling Guitar Licks site is undergoing some major surgery too... All of the 'classic' "Free Country Guitar Videos" are going to be organized so that I can concentrate on adding NEW ONES for you... I have some really good stuff up my sleeve for YOU! 

Oh YEAH, if you haven't noticed yet, we also have a brand new Store Front and soon, all of the (10 different!) store pages will look the same! LOL revolutionary concept right?! 

Here's where you can find the the NEW "Sizzling Guitar Guitar Licks Dvd/Download Store".


ALL the sizzling guitar products that you have purchased over the years are being uploaded in SHORT, Bite-Sized CHAPTERS into an awesome Customer-Hub where you will be able to stream-live and watch right there, you can still download them too,  you'll never lose your materials again, You'll also be able Interact with others, ALL IN ONE PLACE! Yes, finally! Look for this around mid-2013! 
Anyway, don't wanna bore you with the details, just wanted to get this UP and post some latest news here, and let you know about it! 

Have an awesome day and thanks for reading! 

Doug Seven 

3-Day Video Series on Soloing Techniques

Hey! You Up For a 3-Day

Sizzling Guitar Challenge?

Simple But Powerful Soloing Techniques

Playing Over Popular Chord Change

How To Play OutSide The 'Box'

soloing video capture

Here's How To Receive These 3 Simple Short

and Powerful Lessons via Email

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link for this request or we cannot send you the video links!

Steal This Lick Plus a Cheat Technique

Hey guys!
I gotta say, you may have to watch this particular "Steal This Lick" video a few more times to get everything  that I went over! It seems that I couldn't stop with the ideas once I get started...

Basically, I show you 1 phrase (or lick) from the Habitual Techniques videos, then we'll go into how to easily apply the "Open String" technique, THEN, how to transpose it to other keys, THEN we go into how to use the SAME lick and play some super fast 16th note triplets!

Wow, there's a lot of cool stuff in this video! ENJOY!

Click HERE To get Your Backing Tracks And TABS for This video!

Click Here if you want to Learn the Style, Techniques, Licks and TONE of Brad Paisley TODAY!

Steal This Lick - Solo From Playing in Circles Dvd

Hey Guys!
Here is your "STEAL THIS LICK" Video for this week!
I'm teaching one of the FULL Country Guitar Solos from "Playing In Circles" Dvd/Video.

Just CLICK on the video to visit page!

STEAL THIS LICK - Doug Seven Solo From Hotter Licks

Hey Guys, here's the latest "STEAL THIS LICK" video
I took this solo from Hotter Licks and Killer One-Liners. i KNOW you'll Love this one.

For the Tabs and Backing Tracks Go to the original site page HERE.

COMMENT BELOW PLEASE!! It makes me feel good :)

Cool Vince Gill Guitar Solo

Hey Guys, just heard an older song I haven't heard in a while.
I forgot how much I loved this solo, thought you would too, I learned it, posted it and here's the vid!

Visit; http://SizzlingGuitarLicks.com/vince-gill-guitar-lick-take-your-memory-solo.html


P.S. Oh, Here are the Tabs (PDF) for the solo above;

B-Bender EXTREME! With Doug Seven | Bender Guitar Lesson Release

Hey guys!

Just finished up the exclusive "B-bender" Extreme guitar video...
It's about an hour long and it's filled with ALL the  best licks, tricks and techniques that you can do on your b-bender.

WARNING, If you do NOT have a bender on your guitar now,
this video will seriously tempt you into getting one.

You can check it out at the B-bender Extreme page OR by going to YouTube and watching it HERE.

As always, the video on the site and on youtube is actually a SUPER COOL lick from the actual Bender lesson video. So, you will  learn something by watching  it even if you don't get a bender...

ENJOY and forward this to anyone you know that has a b-bender or you think would benefit from this.

Thank YOU!!!
Doug Seven

Results Are IN!

Hey Everybody, it's Doug here! I have some very important news for you today.

The AWESOME friends and family of Sizzling Guitar Licks (YOU) were able to raise over $8,000 dollars in just 3 weeks!

My wife and I will be taking your donations THIS Sunday (the 15th).

I want to express my deepest gratitude to you! I never thought it would be such an amazing turn out! I thank you from the deepest place in my heart. The look on my wifes face when I told her was just priceless!

We've never wrote a check this big, let alone being able to GIVE this much!!!!
What an HONOR.

Also, for those of you who ordered something during this last 3 weeks, we are seriously working at about 100 miles an hour trying to get everything out to you.

My duplication company called me and they're also having some trouble getting blank media from Japan because of everything they have been going through with the Tsunami. So, PLEASE be very patient with us as we get your dvds shipped to you.

SO, since we're not taking the donations in for another few days, I've re-opened the TWC coupon code!! When You Visit The Store Page Remember to enter TWC in the coupon code field and click APPLY to save 25% on your entire order.

Doug, I want to help this cause by saving 25% percent your guitar dvds! 

Again, my heart is overwhelmed and we are so happy to be taking such a generous donation to such a wonderful organization!

All my love, Doug Seven and Family.

P.S. Now it's back to work!

Doug Seven Family and YOU Help the Women's Clinic

April 15th 2011 Doug writes...

On April 7th 2011, my wife (Jennifer) and I was told that our baby (at 12 weeks) no longer had a heartbeat and that we were having a miscarriage. To say that we are devastated and overcome by this would be an understatement.

We had to tell our 4 year old boy (Austin) that the baby he had talked to and told stories to was in heaven and not going to be here with us.

"In response to loss, tragedy or injustice of any kind, there's always a hidden opportunity."

The questions that stare you in the face could be, WHAT NOW? Who do I BLAME!?! Who do I FORGIVE? How can I make this pain GO AWAY? How can I STOP this from happening to someone else? You may have different answers, but I know what mine are.

"The measure of sorrow should match the measure of response"

We want YOU to join with us to honor our baby's LIFE and help save other mommy's and daddy's from
experiencing the devastation of losing a precious child. ~Doug and Jennifer

Your Purchase Literally SAVES Babies Livesand Gives them A Chance To Be Loved!This will go directly to our favorite and WORTHYNon-Profit organization here in Ohio, TWC

What is TWC? I'm so glad you asked!It is the Women's Clinic Of Columbus Check out the services they provide for Women by Clicking HERE 

When You Visit The Store Page Remember to enter TWC in the coupon code field and click APPLY to save 25% on your entire order. Doug, I want to help this cause by saving 25% percent your guitar dvds!

50% of all purchases (using coupon code) from TODAY through May 8th 2011 will be taken by Doug Seven IN PERSON with a check made out to The Women's Clinic Of Columbus

Chicken Pickin' Champs - NEW

Have you checked out the NEW Chicken Pickin' Champions page lately?
I've added a couple more "champ" videos today and there's MORE coming!

Also, wanted to remind you that the newest video package was a tremendous HIT!

It's called "5 Golden Ingredients to MASTERING Country Guitar Rhythm"

You can Download it in HIGH DEF! Our first ever HD download...

I've also included a FREE 10 minute Preview that you can watch now.

That's the "LATEST" news for now! Thanks for checking it out!

Talk REAL soon!
Doug Seven

Country Guitar Rhythm Techniques


This NEW Dvd is FLYING off the shelf already! It's called 'The 5 Golden Ingredients To Mastering Country Guitar Rhythm'

This Video Course Teaches You Solid Right Hand Techniques, Double Stops, Hot Fills and Rhythm Transitions, colorful substitution chords and most importantly, HOW, when and when NOT to use certain techniques!
One of the MOST common questions I am asked is about HOT country guitar rhythm. It's not something you see a lot of guitarist talking about or teaching, but it happens to be the most important area of your guitar playing.
Whether you're in a band full time, on the weekends or maybe you're a studio musician. No matter where you play or who you play in front of, rhythm playing is something WE ALL have to have a good understanding of this vital area of our playing...
I decided to go ahead and POUR OUT my VERY BEST on this video package. We will not only learn the mental techniques that are essential to playing but the HANDS ON physical methods and EVERYTHING you need to know to be the WELL-ROUNDED musician you want to be!
This is an intense Video Course - The FORMULA of country/Blues/southern Rock Rhythm 15 Pages FULL Tabs and Standard Notation - Easy To Follow System - LIVE Backing Tracks - REAL-TIME Targeted Practice Sessions - Close-Up Cameras on Both Hands
Click HERE to Check it out -->  5 Golden ingredients of Country/Blues/Southern Rock Rhythm
I know you're gonna LOVE this one... Thanks for reading!
Doug Seven

15 Year Old Chicken Pickin Champ!

Check out Daniel Donato! He's only 15 years old BUT he's been working hard with the Sizzling Guitar Videos for some time now...

I'm so proud to introduce him to the Sizzling Guitar Licks "Chicken Pickin Champions" club!!

You can find his and MANY more Talented students and friends' videos on the Chicken Pickin Champions Page

Have fun!

Brad Paisley Simple Guitar Technique Doug Seven

Today's video is a simple demonstration of 1 SIMPLE Guitar Technique that Brad Paisley uses a LOT...

This will easily double or even TRIPLE your speed and execution when working and improving your FAST and clean approach...

Before you watch the video, please take a moment and skim through some of the emails I've been getting since the release of this NEW DVD "Habitual Techniques - The Secret Methods of Guitarists like Brad Paisley"!

This is GREAT!


Hey Doug,

The dvd was so nicely done, a true inspiration. I had been dabbling in this style for a couple of years... More for rock and bluegrassy playing. He uses lots of open string ideas. Bluegrassy meaning, it gives the illusion of speed to country style licks.

Your dvd is an excellent guide for me. Kind of opened a bigger door for much more expansive ideas... Such as combining two scales plus open strings, "the three for one special".

Thank you for keeping the pickin' fun and interesting.
best wishes,

Doug, This DVD has been a God send.

I’ve been doing each exercise until my fingers can’t go anymore… Then I rest and do it all again. I’ve always wanted to include open strings in my playing and I’ve been playing a long time. Like you said, it doesn’t sound like it belongs when played slow and that’s why I haven’t been able to figure it out before. I believed that it should be correct in theory.But, now I know that when it’s played fast it sounds great. So, this is the secret that has kept me from getting it in the past and for that I thank you so very much.

Sometimes you just need to be shown that it works and the exercises are fantastic.

This is put together so very well and I like that you explained it all in the first video… Then got into the meat of it in the second part and then putting it all together in the 3rd.

Your CD ‘Seven’ is awesome!

Doug - I've only gotten through part of the material. Awesome as always;

You have a great gift for explaining playing concepts in a way that even us old dogs can understand.

Keep 'em coming! 

Best Christmas Wishes to you & family;
Sandy C.

Hi, Doug.
The video is great, and it will for sure change my playing. I have not had enough time to dig properly into it, but I’m practicing the first 8 licks regularly now.

I have to add that of all videos and books I have used over the years, nothing compares to your videos.

They are very inspiring, and your laid-back style when presenting your stuff makes me think that “I can do this!”.

Thank you and a merry x-mas for you and your family.
Best regards,

Doug, Man it's really rough to find a way to say you can do more (I've got enough stuff here to work on for the next 10 years)

This video is over the top. Just a great job. You're in Brad's hip pocket, you've nailed his runs and technique.

We saw your pedals and amps (the Wampler Brad Paisley will stay on my board), man I'm tellin ya -you've got one monster tone.

Again, Doug thank you for all you've done and may next year bring you more success.

Merry Christmas
Bob B.

I just sat down this week with the dvds and have been studying the first four licks. Never a concern here, These latest ones will teach some extreme form and finger techniques.

I look forward to getting through the entire vid. Can't wait to see what we have next time.
Steve L.

Hey Doug,
It's great...possibly your best, if such things can be measured.

Merry Christmas,

Dear Doug,
I love the new video. It's helping me get closer to the day when I send you my own videos!
I'm getting there, and this and your other videos have helped a lot. Thanks,

This one is pulling me over the (good) line - Reminded me of forty years ago when I would practice for 4-6 hours and BAM! something would click...

Good job, and the separate picking/fingering section with no voice over is super.
Bob F.

Hi Doug, It's Ken G. from "Down Under" in Australia here.

The package with all the DVDs I ordered arrived a few days ago and I've been looking through them and I just had to write and tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with them.

You've put so much fantastic stuff in these DVDs that I know when I get some of it down I know my playing will improve by leaps and bounds!

Thanks also for all the encouragement you give all of us players by always telling us to take it slow and saying that you also took time to learn these licks.

You always seem so genuine in wanting others to improve their playing and you certainly unlock some of the secrets of mastering the guitar.

Thanks so much again and if you ever get down to Australia please let me know.
Have a "Merry Christmas" and a great New Year. Best wishes,

Doug - love your stuff. I bought all your Cd's about a year ago, doodled with them a bit, and them put them aside, but still did some of your riffs when I would mess with my guitar, even threw some in some of the rock tunes I was already playing.

But, then, about a week ago, I started the riffs in Playing in Circles..... Put some real time in, and did it SLOW (very important..... as you say).

I played at least 3 to 5 hours a day for the last week.... Fingers permitting. I am now getting it!!! It's awesome.

I'll be posting a vid on Youtube in a month or two once I perfected the jams error free, and will be bragging about your vids.

This is a new dimension in my guitar playing.

Thanks much, Enjoyed seeing Brad Paisley on the CMA Christmas special last night. He's got nothing on you though!!

I don't know if you read these or not; but you're vids have made a major impact on my country guitar studies..

Even though I have played professionally for many years, I constantly learn new and wonderful things from you.

You are the best and I thank you...so...returning the wish... Have a great holiday and here's wishing you and you're family are happy and secure this season and well beyond,


...GOOD LORD Doug!

I really don't know what to say!




Super, super cool!?

Totally inspirational!?

You are all of these things my friend. Where do you come from, buddy!?

Seriously, come on! I really don't know what to say!

I've been teaching guitar for 20 years and you are you of the most thoughtful/generous teachers that I've ever studied under (you have taught me so much!)

I use YOUR videos and materials all the time and I tell all of my musician friends about you site and tell them... "If you want to become a better guitarist, then get Doug Seven's stuff!"

You humble me, man! And you're a great musician... damn! And a smoke'n guitarist!!!

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you do for us.

I just had to tell you Doug! It's important that you know that!

God bless you, Doug!
Oskar -peace

Tony wrote:
"Doug, this is one of your HUGE fans from Nashville.

You've really inspired me to play again after 20 years of not touching my vintage axes. Been practicing your licks for the last 6 months. Driving my family crazy because I can't put it down... Gettin' way better than I was when I played in a band for years in my 20's. I wish I woulda had somebody explain theory back then the way you do. Your style and sound is my absolute favorite OF ALL TIME"!

Enjoy  The VIDEO


Brad Paisley Guitar Tone "Paisley Overdrive"

Just uploaded a NEW video from "Habitual Techniques"!

"The TONE'z" is an easy demonstration of what I use and how I set my effects pedals to get a similar tone to Brad Paisley... You can get a GREAT "Paisley style" tone with these 3 pedals in about 5 minutes...


Guitar Licks and Style of Brad Paisley - Habitual Techniques

Guitar Licks and Style of Brad Paisley - Habitual Techniques

Hey guys,

The NEXT guitar hero in the video series is FINALLY READY!

Guess Who?

Well, it's called: "Habitual Techniques" and it's a study on the guitar style and licks of Brad Paisley. (and it's super good)

You'll get 3 separate videos (We really over-delivered this time)

Video 1:
is the lesson video that explains these new techniques that will totally freak you out when you see them in action. The very simple way you can instantly add them to your style.

Video 2:
Get ready to break a sweat on this one. It Has 30 Very Hot Killer Licks with Zero Talking!

Video 3:
Is the TONE that gets us closer than ever to the sound that your hear from Brad Paisley...

I believe this is the best video I've ever done... It's my new favorite :)
It has something for everybody. A video with talking, a video with
no talking and just licks, tone settings, TONS of licks (30 killer licks),
tabs for every riff, fast examples, slow examples...

See you on the inside and talk soon,

Vince Gill Guitar Tone Video

How to Get a Vince Gill Guitar Tone In Less Than 10 Minutes!

Leave Comments Below and ENJOY! ~ doug seven

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