Super Right Hand Rhythm Technique Steal This Lick From Volume 4

Hey guys, I just shot this new video for you today!

This is a GREAT example of how a SIMPLE Rhythm Technique can give you infinite "transition lick" ideas and multiple licks to 'build' from.

And I managed to keep it under 10 minutes (I'm getting better :-)

Also, I'm giving you Tabs and Practice Backing Tracks to download and work on it -Just follow the link below for your FREE downloads!

You'll LOVE this one!
Doug Seven

P.S. there's also a very exclusive (to you) link on this page I think you'll be very interested to see ;-)
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Steal This HOT Country Jazz Guitar Solo

Hey guys! 
Are ya ready to learn a SUPER cool, and fairly easy guitar solo -with a little Jazz thrown in.

In this week's video (comes with free backing tracks and tabs download) I'm going to show you a killer, "Brent mason style" solo...

... (I think you can learn it this afternoon if you wanted to)!

In today's short video, we'll learn a Tasteful solo Over a Simple 1-4-5 (A-D-E) Country Groove and break down;
  •  The Simple System Around This Entire Solo (That Will Help You With All of Your Guitar Work)
  •  Borrowing From "Thought process" of Danny Gatton (Playing Outside The Box and Create Better Colorful Phrases)
  •  Using What you Already Know and Adding Some Easy Jazz 'thoughts' To make it really stand out
  •  Get Your Right Hand and 'Chicken Pickin' Sound in your Solos
  •  Using Simple Pentatonic Scales (and Shapes) to Connect ALL The Chords and Licks Around The Song
  •  Using Open Strings in The Background (to Add FULLNESS To Your Licks and Solos)
  • Break OUT of The "Pentatonic JAIL" With Today's Video

See You INSIDE - Click HERE!

Thanks so much for always watching my videos
Doug Seven

P.S. I've included the Tabs and The Track PLUS a slower version of the backing track to help you get your hands and dead wrapped around this solo!

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New Modern Rhythm Techniques and Chops

Lately, I've gotten an unusual amount of requests to cover some of the newer Rhythm Techniques that you hear me playing...
Here's a great video (less than 10 minutes) demonstrating 3 different HOT Rhythm techniques you can start playing today. (You'll be surprised to know that you've been playing some of this already and didn't know it)

Click on the video to go straight to the page!

Steal This Roy Nichols Country Jazz Lick

Roy Nichols Had such an AWESOME way of mixing Country and Jazz styles in his solos and licks!
Here's the First Lick from the "Timeless Licks and Style of Roy Nichols".

I'm giving away the DOWNLOADS for FREE! 
Get All 4 Part of The Video Including TABS and BACKING TRACKS by Going HERE!

Steal This Lick! 

 Don't Forget To Grab your FREE Videos, Tabs and Backing Tracks Downloads!

Great Country and Blues Guitar Tone On a Shoestring Budget

How to Get a Spankin' and Poppin' Country and Blues 
Guitar Tone Even if You're on a Shoestring Budget!

Doug Seven takes YOU on a (Slightly Entertaining) ROAD-TRIP to the store to get everything we'll need to get a versatile, country, blues and rock tone that can be used on the stage, in the studio or even in a basement jam session. 


On camera, we'll purchase a COMPLETE guitar rig fit for clubs and jams... This video will PUT TO REST the opinion that it takes expensive equipment to really get a modern Nashville tone! Then We'll head back home and set up all the gear and pedals for you.  

In this video, we'll answers these most 
important questions and more about your tone 

(having a little too much fun included at NO charge)

All The Pedals You Need and How To Set Them!

Steal This Vince Gill Solo

Hey! Doug Seven here with a great Steal This Lick Video with Tabs, Backing Track Downloads and all...

This is a Short But VERY Fun Vince Gill Solo From One of His Great Hits in the 90's (they were all great).

Pay Attention in this video, around the 5:20 Minute Mark, I Give You an Incredible "Trick of The Trade" That will Help You Learn ALL Future Licks and Solos MUCH FASTER and More Accurately.

Believe it or not, 90% of Guitar Tabs out there on the net are DEAD WRONG.

I'll Show You How to KNOW For Sure How the Actual Artist Played The Lick or Solo Originally!

ENJOY! Check it Out Here on the Blog;

Or, Go Straight to the Site Page (this is where your downloads are)

Talk real soon okay?!
Doug Seve

Country Guitar - Video #3

Country Guitar (Palooza)! 
(Free-Video-3) The Golden Guitar Technique

WOW, This little guitar video series is making records for us at Sizzling Guitar!

With OVER 10,000 viewers since MONDAY, this is really turning out to be MUCH MORE than I could've ever expected!

I'm really overwhelmed at reading your Facebook comments too -It's more than inspiring!

Listen - Video-Day #3 is keeping with the "#1 Guitar Technique Ever" theme this week;

  • a Very Killer (super easy) Way To Play The Diminished Scale (hint: I use it over the IV chord)

  • How To Expand Your Fretboard Knowledge in 5 Seconds with This One Technique

  • How Learning This Technique Will Give You An "Edge" That Will Help You Learn Almost Anything Automatically

These are ALL FREE Lesson Videos in case you haven't been with us on this series!

Come join the FUN!!! Click HERE For Video #3!

See You THERE!

Please keep leaving your wonderful comments below the videos!

Doug Seven 

P.S. You can imagine how cool it was to see these viewer stats yesterday

Country Guitar

 Country Guitar - Video #2 Steal This Lick 
Long Scale Phrase Lesson Part 1 of 2

You ready for Video #2 in this week's "#1 Best Guitar Technique EVER" video series!
In this week's video, Doug Seven will show you a very cool country guitar lick in a repetitive technique. 

These Are Some Things To Expect From Today's Lesson; 
  • Your Speed, Timing and Accents
  • Transposing Licks INTO SOLOS
  • Better knowledge of the fretboard
  • Thinking in shapes and patterns 
Here's some things to watch for in the video! 
@2:35 in the video - We'll learn a smokin' fast hot lick using chromatic notes that has that great chicken pickin' country guitar sound.

@8:00 - Doug shows you the MAGIC of phrasing by breaking it up into 'chunks' of notes and changing the timing. 

@10:10 - Doug talks about the absolute BEST and most productive way to learn and practice anything new!

@11:30 - How to make boring scales RELEVANT and fresh by doing this 1 VITAL thing when you practice!

Basically, if you are needing some MAJOR shortcuts and HEAVY inspiration, you need to be ON TODAY'S VIDEO with us!

The #1 BEST Guitar Technique EVER?

The #1 Guitar Trick EVER? Free For YOU!

Hey, it's Doug here!
I feel like I have SO MUCH to share with you that I can't fit it all in;

Grayson Levi (now 9-months old) still hasn't figured out the "sleeping thing" (So, I've been "working extra hours" here at the studio! :) 

See Video for Proof :) (plus I explain important info in this video)

We're celebrating our 8th Great Year at Sizzling Guitar Licks...

And MANY other great things that I can't get into here...

Anyway, here's the part that has everything to do with YOU;

I have the most *incredible "Steal This Lick Video Series" for you!

It has so many GOLDEN NUGGETS!

I CANNOT WAIT until you watch this and hear what you have to say!

I'm serious too.... Here's the scoop;

There is VERY SIMPLE system that I use for EVERY lick or technique I know.

If you EVER want to learn anything new on the guitar, this is the #1 secret to making it SHINE

The #1 guitar secret of all the guitar legends past and present.

What I have for you is a series of fun "creative-thinking" exercises that opens up a WORLD of possibilities with your current style!

When you know how to use this, it will totally REVOLUTIONIZE your overall technique and style.

Sound good? Well, I Wanted to Give it To Ya FREE!

In The Next 17 Minutes From Now You Can Learn;
  • A Killer Open String Riff -Brent Mason and Brad Paisley Style- 
  • How To Apply a Little-Known Technique -That Instantly Opens The Throttle on Your Speed-
  • Mix and Fuse it Together -This Is The SECRET SAUCE That Makes Just 1 LICK or Idea Truly UNLIMITED!
  • Learn How To Apply Time Distortion/Advanced Playing Outside The Box and The "Playing Against The Grain" Techniques

In Video #1 (just day 1) you'll learn; 
@ 3:07 in the video -  A Famous Brent Mason Cross-Picking Open String Lick

@6:30 - A HUGE Brad Paisley Secret to Transposing

@8:15 - We'll Change the Time Signature on the Same Exact Phrase

@11:20 - The #1 SECRET is Revealed - How to Start Playing Outside The Box NOW

@12:20 - Time Distortion - Many Call This "Playing Against The Grain"

Remember, That's Just DAY 1!

This is What The Best Players of All Time Have Done That Separates Them From The Rest!

There's also 7 Free-Backing-Tracks and the whole shebang!

I wanted to come out of winter with a BANG, and I want you to come with me.

I also wanted to THANK YOU sincerely, and FROM MY HEART, for the BEST (now 8) years of my life!

Here's to ANOTHER 8 YEARS!

Thanks for reading and always clicking through to ALL the videos!
~Doug Seven

P.S. There's also a very "Exclusive to YOU" reason to watch this video ASAP!

Doug Seven is Cleaning House!

Hey guys, a lot of NEW things going on around here (much of it has a lot to do with YOU) and it's all very exciting, but more about that in a minute... 

I just wanted you to know that we've been working on managing and organizing all the content I've done in the 8+ years doing these videos (you can probably imagine how much is out there, spread all over the internet).

When I'm working on new guitar lessons, steal this lick videos and new products for you, we work at the speed of thought around here and things get REALLY messy! LOL 

So, as you can see that this blog has had a little face-lift and a lot of the content like the famous and HIGHLY VIEWED "Steal This Lick" videos are going to be here on this blog site from now on, and the EVER GROWING and Inspiring "Chicken Pickin Champions" page and videos will be posted here too! 

Also, the Sizzling Guitar Licks site is undergoing some major surgery too... All of the 'classic' "Free Country Guitar Videos" are going to be organized so that I can concentrate on adding NEW ONES for you... I have some really good stuff up my sleeve for YOU! 

Oh YEAH, if you haven't noticed yet, we also have a brand new Store Front and soon, all of the (10 different!) store pages will look the same! LOL revolutionary concept right?! 

Here's where you can find the the NEW "Sizzling Guitar Guitar Licks Dvd/Download Store".


ALL the sizzling guitar products that you have purchased over the years are being uploaded in SHORT, Bite-Sized CHAPTERS into an awesome Customer-Hub where you will be able to stream-live and watch right there, you can still download them too,  you'll never lose your materials again, You'll also be able Interact with others, ALL IN ONE PLACE! Yes, finally! Look for this around mid-2013! 
Anyway, don't wanna bore you with the details, just wanted to get this UP and post some latest news here, and let you know about it! 

Have an awesome day and thanks for reading! 

Doug Seven