B-Bender EXTREME! With Doug Seven | Bender Guitar Lesson Release

Hey guys!

Just finished up the exclusive "B-bender" Extreme guitar video...
It's about an hour long and it's filled with ALL the  best licks, tricks and techniques that you can do on your b-bender.

WARNING, If you do NOT have a bender on your guitar now,
this video will seriously tempt you into getting one.

You can check it out at the B-bender Extreme page OR by going to YouTube and watching it HERE.

As always, the video on the site and on youtube is actually a SUPER COOL lick from the actual Bender lesson video. So, you will  learn something by watching  it even if you don't get a bender...

ENJOY and forward this to anyone you know that has a b-bender or you think would benefit from this.

Thank YOU!!!
Doug Seven

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