STEAL THIS LICK - Doug Seven Solo From Hotter Licks

Hey Guys, here's the latest "STEAL THIS LICK" video
I took this solo from Hotter Licks and Killer One-Liners. i KNOW you'll Love this one.

For the Tabs and Backing Tracks Go to the original site page HERE.

COMMENT BELOW PLEASE!! It makes me feel good :)


  1. Hey Doug I gotta say this first and foremost THANK YOU!! I'm 70 years old and probably won't ever be as fast as you are but I am really starting to "get it" I played by ear(a tone deaf one) i might add for most of my adult years.I always wanted to play but never took the time to take any kind of instruction,you know work kids and so on.I was watching one of the free lessons you so graciously put out there for anyone and everyone to take advantage of,anyway I started to put the frett board together mentaly and after so many years it's starting to make sense. Thanks again you are AWSOME!!!

  2. Hey Doug. I just wanted to say that you have a great site. I really like how your lesson videos are put together. Do you play in any country bands right now? Let me know, I'd like to check it out. Thanks - Devin