Steal This Roy Nichols Country Jazz Lick

Roy Nichols Had such an AWESOME way of mixing Country and Jazz styles in his solos and licks!
Here's the First Lick from the "Timeless Licks and Style of Roy Nichols".

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Steal This Lick! 

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  1. What happened to that wild blue guitar you were playing a year ago?

  2. Sent it back :) was having issues with it.

  3. Where did we get that shirt??

    : )

    Great lick thank you very much

  4. Thanks for all your help! I actually bought a cheap MM Tele. I've been practicing and have now gotten to the point where I can see the new doors, I just can't quite go in them yet. Been playing in a local band for 30 years, and am once again excited about trying and applying some of this new stuff! What a ride