Steal This HOT Country Jazz Guitar Solo

Hey guys! 
Are ya ready to learn a SUPER cool, and fairly easy guitar solo -with a little Jazz thrown in.

In this week's video (comes with free backing tracks and tabs download) I'm going to show you a killer, "Brent mason style" solo...

... (I think you can learn it this afternoon if you wanted to)!

In today's short video, we'll learn a Tasteful solo Over a Simple 1-4-5 (A-D-E) Country Groove and break down;
  •  The Simple System Around This Entire Solo (That Will Help You With All of Your Guitar Work)
  •  Borrowing From "Thought process" of Danny Gatton (Playing Outside The Box and Create Better Colorful Phrases)
  •  Using What you Already Know and Adding Some Easy Jazz 'thoughts' To make it really stand out
  •  Get Your Right Hand and 'Chicken Pickin' Sound in your Solos
  •  Using Simple Pentatonic Scales (and Shapes) to Connect ALL The Chords and Licks Around The Song
  •  Using Open Strings in The Background (to Add FULLNESS To Your Licks and Solos)
  • Break OUT of The "Pentatonic JAIL" With Today's Video

See You INSIDE - Click HERE!

Thanks so much for always watching my videos
Doug Seven

P.S. I've included the Tabs and The Track PLUS a slower version of the backing track to help you get your hands and dead wrapped around this solo!

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