3 Weird Guitar Tricks For Lead Soloing

Welcome To a New FREE Video Series With DOUG SEVEN:
Simple Soloing Techniques and Playing Outside the Box
and Spicing Up Your Leads Using Some Unconventional and Strange Brain-Hacks! 

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This one simple and short video (with downloads) will answer SO MANY of your most burning questions and SOLVE your hangups when it comes to; 

  • Playing around chord changes
  • Inside and outside-the-box licks
  • Spice up your leads so that they sound fresh and new 
  • Brain Hacks and unconventional ways around the fretboard

You'll learn 3 clever tricks you can use to add brilliant COLOR and Jazz up your regular solos (without learning anything 'new').
I'm about to show you some seriously incredible, self-taught tricks that I learned to be able to flow around the neck and never repeating the same lick.

I "stumbled" upon these methods because I HAD to. I didn't know where to get the 'education' and theory and schooling and couldn't afford it anyway.

This is some of the best stuff in my opinion.

Because I'm about to remove some of your deepest struggles with soloing, today.

Most people don't give 17 minutes to anything accept Facebook and politics these days.

Those of you who actually watch the whole thing will be HEAD AND SHOULDERS above everyone else still struggling to figure this stuff out.

Another thing that makes this different, and better is that I'm not here to show off...

I'm here to show YOU what I struggled with for years until I figured out some unconventional ways to get the same and even better results.

So, that's why I'm giving you the ALL downloads and tools you'll need to go along with this powerful video.

Check it out and leave me a comment below the video!

looking forward to hearing from you!
Doug Seven

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  1. Doug,
    Thank you so much for these lessons. I have learned so much from you that I find it hard to express my gratitude. Your generosity is beyond belief. God Bless You.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Inspiring, I will pick up my guitar again ;-)

  3. You always amaze me. Really good to see you back on your feet. I am passing on your video here to some cats that I have been trying to show your methods to, and I am terrible at it. Better to learn from the master.