"Country Blues Guitar" Doug Seven, Mitch Stalling

Hey Everybody, here's a great video we just recorded in the studio... My best friend Mitch Stalling (I call him Mitchy), is one of the GREAT musicians here in the Columbus Area.

Check out his most recent video!

Make SURE you comment on his video and encourage him to do MORE!

That's all for today, Thank so much for watching!
Doug Seven

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  1. Hey. You and Doug...great thing yer doin out there. It's like Vagisil for the soul. Keep it comin!

  2. Mitch, great job with the new vid!! Looking fotward to seeing more and more of your work, so as we say over here on the Emerald Isle, Keep er Lit!!

  3. Hey Mitch, love your guitar picking, please make some tabs of your country blues guitar. Thank You.