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These are REAL customer emails and reviews from NON-Solicited Buyers. Just thought you'd like to
know what Guitarist (Just Like you) are saying about

Sizzling Guitar Licks & Modern Country Guitar Videos.

ENJOY And THANK YOU so much for Reading!!
~Doug Seven

Wow I just can't believe how much you have inspired me so far.

I can't get up to your speed yet but I am working on it!

I quit playing years ago but your videos made me knock the dust
off my old guitars and start playing again.

Much appreciated

These are smoking licks. At 48 years young

I doubled my speed in one day with your videos.

It's really making sense... Thanks Doug

Hey Doug,

I' m looking forward to meeting you someday and I admire your
picking so much.

I'll just bet most of the top pickers in Nashville owe you much
recognition and you're their best kept secret.

Hello Doug,
I think the exercises in Vol. 4 are invaluable for developing
the sound of hybrid-picking.

You were right; I was inspired after just watching the video.

Thanks for making the vids,

they are already helping me elevate my game.

You are truly an exceptional musician. I have always wanted to
learn some great country picking, and

Your site is the best site I have stumbled upon.

Just messing with your site for a little while really helped my
quest for learning to burn country style.

Once again, Great site, great clean and fluid, melodic playing.


This is so AWESOME advice and it makes so much sense.

I've often thought about this but wondered if I was just being t
oo lazy but the truth is I only practice when I'm inspired anyway
because it's the only time I EVER get anything done!!

The trick is finding the inspiration.
Thanks so much for pointing us all in a great direction!!
Keep doing what you're doing.

You are the first teacher that articulates the
psychology of playing so well.

And it's necessary -more necessary than learning scales.
No one is doing that but you!
Rock on!

I’m just getting your Dvd "playing in circles”!
I put it in my dvd player in order to see if it is "ok"...

Impeccable! I don't regret this purchase that really
allows me to improve!

Playing in a country band and being the youngest by reason of my

age and my experience in country style, your teaching gets results!!!

Thanks again Doug,

Hey Doug (and crew...)

First of all let me say that I love everything you have put together.
The DVDs are packed with great playing and sound advice.

I'm getting the hang of it though. Thanks to your videos.
I just wanted to let you know that I think they are great.
And not only are you helping guitar players play the way they want
to, but you're also helping expand the genre of country guitar.

Thanks bro.
Keep 'em coming

Message From Doug Seven;
This is just SOME of the 10's of THOUSANDS of Emails that we're
getting around here.

I am going to post as many as I can on other
pages so please check back soon and make sure you visit the sites to see WHAT'S NEW!

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