Exactly How I Won The Battle With My Fingers, Hybrid Style, Chicken Picking and Double Stops

This IS Probably the MOST Effective Way to
WIN The BATTLE OF WITS With Your Fingers

I once said the words, "I guess I'll never pick with my fingers." I thought only a certain breed of guitarists could do it or something...

I tried switching to a thumb pick (to try and FORCE my fingers to do the work). It worked okay for a while but it wasn't comfortable for me and my style in the long run.

I started finding my own little exercises (basically licks) to try and MAKE my fingers do what I knew they should be doing. I literally did these runs for hours at a time, many times a day.

Like I always say in the videos, "Just like lifting weights, practice something until you're fatigued, and then repeat."

What I ended up doing was just using my 2nd (middle) finger and got it working good enough before I
Incorporated my other (ring) finger.

It took a while but I found myself using my two fingers together without thinking about it.

It started feeling natural to me the more I used it...

I get a LOT of questions about Double Stops, Triple Stops and overall Right Hand Technique...

I've made a BUNCH of videos on this subject to help you master this guitar sytle.
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I know these videos will open up your mind to learn these important techniques!

Thanks for reading and I hope I was able to shed some light on this
for you!

P.S. Here's some great emaills I get to I read every day about the videos:

These were just sent in in the last few days:


Dear Doug,
You can add me to the list of satisfied guitar players who've used your videos to increase their skills.

Literally, 20 minutes into the videos I was able to break out of the 'scale box' I've been in my whole guitar playing life!

The videos are worth their weight just to get some new ideas and riffs.
Jim M.


Hey Doug,
I got the package...it's awesome. Thank you for being kind enough to share this great material.
The right hand screen makes all the difference!

Your playing the licks slowly, emphasizing the fingerings and accents, it's all crucial.

Your method of teaching really demystifies how this style works. You are greatly appreciated.
God bless and Take Care,

Bob D.
Camarillo, CA


Hey Doug,
I sure don't know what to say. I don't think I have ever met somebody so willing to share the "good stuff" with anybody that asked.

I knew that's the way you were before any of this happened because I've been studying you in your free stuff plus what's in lesson 1.

The sad part is unless you really hit it big, the only reward you'll get is knowing how many of us out here are tickled to death to get hold of this kind of help. God loves a giver, since he's one himself, and I am very greatful to you.

I'll be coming back for more when I finish with this one so be busying yourself with whatever else you got up your sleeve.

Kenny, M.


There's SOOO many more, I didn't want to bore you with the testimonials... I LOVE getting these every day!


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~Doug Seven



  1. Oh, If You have Volume 4 and it has helped you too, please comment about it here!!!

    Thank You!

  2. Hey Doug!, You sure woke me up with your courses!I have the eye of the Tiger back in my quest to learn, and I have you to thank for it! Keep em comin!! Rob Anderson, Edmonton Alberta Canada