PRACTICE - When, What, Why, HOW???

Hey everybody, its Doug Seven here,

I woke up the other night and thought of some things that I KNOW Will get you extremely inspired and motivated!

That's what I'm all about ya know...

EXACTLY HOW, When, Why and WHAT to Practice?

Face it; nobody has the TIME to set down with our guitars like we did when we were 16 years old...

Let me tell you some awesome TRUTHS about practicing that are very misunderstood.
And you need this info!

REAL Practice is not what everybody thinks it is. In my opinion anyway...

It doesn't take a LONG TIME to do this either...

It's actually INSTANT. And it brings back that "FIRST LOVE" feeling with guitar you had when you first started playing.

My advice to everyone that asks is: DON'T EVER practice or even PLAY your guitar until you really want to!

It's very important and I'll explain why. I don't practice unless I specifically WANT TO...

When I'm *awestruck by another guitarist or a piece of music in such a way that I'm
overwhelmed by inspiration that I can't help but pick up my Axe.

See, that's the KEY:
Being inspired is the SINGLE MOST powerful method of practice EVER!!!

That's EXACTLY why players in certain cities seem to be MUCH better than every one else in "non-musical" towns... (Nashville, Chicago, Branson, Austin ect...)

Because they are all surrounded by great players and NEW SOUNDS to inspire them.

BUT, don't pack your things yet...

Every city and "Guitar-Town" in the world is just a click away nowadays.
(Youtube, Myspace, Facebook ect...

This is what I do and how I do it:
The only time I EVER practice is when I'm inspired or
CHARGED-UP in a *unique way.

THAT same inspiration ONLY comes through hearing a piece of guitar work that makes me emotional, OR seeing another guitar player do things that I would LOVE to be able to do on my guitar!

When I see or "HEAR" something that makes me "FEEL", that's when practice is REALLY TRUE and productive. Actually, that's the only time practice is even worth doing!

Something FUNNY Happens:

Come to think of it, I ALWAYS seem to have that "missing" element (time) at my disposal when I'm in this "Spiritual MOOD".

I cannot use time as an excuse anymore... Because my DRIVE is AWAKE and nothing else seems to matter as much. (My work, the yard, the broken toilet ect...

That's exactly the reason I put a COMPLETE practice section
at the beginning Sizzling Guitar Licks Volume 3 Video...

I absolutely had to show you how to practice correctly and HOW to get inspired...

I actually SHOW you the resources I USE to get motivated and inspired!

It's IMPOSSIBLE to get in a "RUT" when you follow this section of the video.

In Vol 3 I actually SHOW YOU HOW to practice and give TIPS on how you should always practice every time...

If you click on the link below and choose to download, you will also get to download Volume 1 for free!

Comes with;

#1) Volume 1 video with FULL Professional Tabs (& standard notation)...

#2) Volume 3 video with ALL the extras including:

* Full pro tabs and standard notation...

* Professional Backing Tracks - A Real Band to rehearse the lessons with.

* Free software that lets you SLOW DOWN the tracks OR change the key

(software now updated and free)

* TONS and TONS of techniques and methods that WILL get you Super-Charged

* Brent Mason, Danny Gatton, Johnny Hiland Licks and styles...

* UP CLOSE left and right hand cameras.

(Click RETURN TO DOUG SEVEN on the last page of payment for download)

MY Dedicated DESIRE is that I inspire YOU like others have inspired me.

This video will tell you EXACTLY what I do to get that SPARK to pick up my guitar and work on things...

Save this email for the days when you feel like you're in a rut and need some inspiration...

Thanks for reading!
God bless ya and have a great day!
Doug Seven

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