Playing Blues Guitar - Unusual Blues Guitar Tips and Lessons

Country and Blues Guitar are Amazingly Similar.

If you can play blues, you can easily play country just by making a few minor adjustments... (or vice versa)

I have a new free video on the site that will help you SPREAD-OUT and spice up your lead solos in a very cool way...

Blues Guitar is SO MUCH like a real human voice that it's harder for some to learn it correctly because they're used to just "RIFFING" and learning "Hot Licks".

It's SO much more satisfying when you learn how to use "voicing" and to not pay attention to your notes and licks so much... When you connect with your instrument in this new way, you begin to pay more attention the tones coming from your hands and the "spirit" of the music is heard...

It comes from a different place :)

There's a whole different (and a lot easier) approach to playing blues lead.

In this FREE Blues Guitar Lesson You will learn one of the BIGGEST secrets that only the Pro have known until now.

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Grab Your Guitar & Enjoy!
~Doug Seven


  1. this is called modal plying , doug...playing in g major over Em is the playing in the Lydian mode.

  2. oops...not Lydian...Phyrigian...the relative major to e minor, is g major...that is why we practice the 12 major scales first, because if you play the notes of a G Major scale, but start on E and end on E you are playing a E minor scale (the relative minor to G). it depends on where you land. there are 7 modes to every key

  3. Doug, this is great stuff! Thanks so much for teaching like a person, not a music theory professor. God bless and keep up the good work

  4. I think thats actually the Ionian mode (Major scale) played over a minor chord progression. The notes of the G maj/E nat.minor/C lydian/B phrygian mode are actually all the same notes. But in a typical minor key blues progression I think this would be considered playing the natural minor scale. BUT, thinking about playing lead over a minor progression with a major scale can help to stir up new ideas for licks and phrases.

    PS. I am (admittedly a little impatiently) awaiting the arrival of your DVD package, Doug. If I become one percent of the player that you are, I think I will be happy.