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Hey Guys,

You GOTTA check out these YouTube videos posted below of other guitarists showing what they've learned from the Sizzling Guitar Videos I ran a search on YouTube looking for guitar players that have been studying with the Sizzling Guitar Videos... Here's the DIRECT Link on the Sizzling Guitar Site;

I really wanted to see and HEAR some of their progress!

BOY was I surprised. There were TONS of videos from guys that posted their Sizzling Licks on youtube.

I am blown away by you guys!

It's ONE thing to get a million emails from dudes that SAY how much better they are getting...

But THIS was TOTALLY different. I actually got to HEAR the results and let me be honest...
I am still blown away by what I've seen.

For everyone featured on this page;
THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting these videos!

I am so inspired by you and can't wait to see MORE!

If you are a Guitarist that have worked with our Videos, Start Posting NOW!

Please send me the link to your video so that I can feature it on my Guitar sites for other Players to Watch!
Sizzling Guitar Licks - Modern Country Guitar

Thanks for Watching and For POSTING Your Videos!

I hope to hear from you SOON!
~Doug Seven


This has to be one of my FAVORITE'S so far... Holger Bogen, is a FAB Chicken Pickin Guitar Picker! He has many of the Sizzling Dvd volumes but I think he had a lot of these chops before he ever ran into me! LOL

Check This Out;


Here is Mark DiSciullo playing (perfectly I must say) a TIGHT Country Guitar Solo taught from Playing In Circles Dvd with one the Backing Tracks, DANG!

Check it...


Here's Steve from The UK - NAILING the1st few Hot Guitar Riffs from Sizzling Guitar Volume 1.
He's documenting his progress in a few different styles of Guitar and I think he's got a future with Country Style!


This is Lars Martin - He completely NAILS a few of the Playing In Circles dvd riffs.

Tight tone and Great Chops buddy! Thanks for posting...
Here's a quote from his post on his YouTube channel.

""This is a testimonial to all the chicken pickin' I've learned watching and stealing Doug Seven's licks.
I highly recommend trying out his instructional videos. I was a complete rookie 2 years ago and
finally I feel that I can see some chicken picking heaven in the far far distance."

I'm so proud of this video! Thanks Lars


This is Dane pickin around some kick-ass chops- Slow Down son, you're making me look bad!

Oh Yeah!


James Lugo Chicken Pickin - I accidently found this one on Youtube... James has been studying with the videos and have learned so much about hybrid picking and is starting to use his fingers!

Dude, sounds great! Don't quit doing it!


Steve sent me this video a few days ago and started this whole thing...
He started on a few of the Sizzling guitar videos about 2 years ago and I think he ROCKS!

He told me that He didn't know ANY of this stuff before Doug Seven's videos!

Here's what he said - "I was not even a mediocre player before I started your lessons."

Now check him out!


Patrick Janka - Country Shredding - I think he's another bad-ass picker waitin' to happen!
This is the "Workin Man Blues" track from Sizzling Guitar Volume 3...

Dude, great chops!


Paco Pascual is like one of my BESTEST friends that I've never even met! LOL
We email all the time and I think he's one of the coolest dudes out there. You will too after checking out some of his vids!


I'll be adding MANY MANY more of these AWESOME Guitarists to the list HERE and on My Country Guitar Lesson Sites.

Send me Your Video Links to add! I'll Post em'!

~Doug Seven



  1. This is really impressive. One of these days, I'll get those videos.

  2. Thankx to Doug 7!!! Great lessons, and the lead to Kelton Swade Guitars in which I now own a 53 tele and words cant explain how great it is thankx guys, Truly some of the most blessed hands on the planet. Tony C. GB all.