Country Guitar Lessons Site Has Major Surgery

Sorry... the sale is over... But we still have some great deals on the site!

Hey Guys, Doug Seven here.

The new “Face-Lift” on the site is moving right along… It's really a lot cooler now, in my opinion anyway.

Sizzling Guitar Licks, The NEW Country Guitar Lessons Site

BIG DEAL right?

Well, we have new dvd deals, free videos and everything's in one place for a change...

I need your suggestions! Please leave your comments on the bottom of this post. Please be honest and let me know what you want to see more of, and what you really could do without.

Thank you for being so great with all of your suggestions and comments in the past.

It's REALLY helped to make Sizzling Guitar what it IS, and what it's becoming.

I aslo have some BRAND NEW VIDEOS being edited right now that will be posted soon.

Anyway, make sure you let us know what you're thoughts are about the site and we'll kick butt and take notes! Just bare with us on the small details ;-)

That's it for today! Go visit the new site already! lol



  1. You're still the best!

  2. Holy you will be selling your old mom...Doug Seven has a sale...It's Doug Six for a few days...great..

    NO!...what I'm ready to jump into after having worn my fingers down on Playin' In Circles is some nasty and downright grumpy good old Swamp kinda Tele...some of them licks with a drop D tuning...behind the nut bends..and with a tad of bluegrass added..Would be nice / regards LM

  3. Hey Doug, what I think you should do is a DVD of country "fill-in-licks". It's good to learn how to solo, but what about the "fill-in-licks"????? C.W.

  4. Hi Doug,

    I enjoy the fast solo playing because it challenges my skills as a player, however, I would like to see "transcrptions of" or "how to play songs/solos" by top country guitarists/artist such as Brent Mason's work on Alan Jackson's, and Brooks and Dunns songs, etc and other country classics.
    Also, would like to see the specific technique of Nashville's "A" list guitarist which is specific, comprehendable and learnable. (and if it is lightning speed, slowed down enough to comprehend it and learn it, then build up the speed)

    Thanks and Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Doug,
    I love your dvds. They've really helped me with my technique. However, I would like to see some more videos on different Chord Shapes and how to use them. That would benefit me immensely.

  6. Hi Doug!

    Your videos are great: I have them all. I'd like to see more of the "Playing In Circles" type of stuff over the 1,4,5. Its very practical and usable.

    P.S. How about another youtube video of you and that kick-butt steel player swaping licks.

  7. Hey Doug, Ijust purchased another one of your videos. i have to admit I'm hook on all your great gutar instuction. I had been checking out YOUTUBE trying to pick up on some tip for this particular style when i ran in to your video. I'm just now learning country style gtr and man you have made it very understanding to me on how these intriguing smokin licks that those country cat are doing on the gtr. I'm definatly inspired by what you have built here with these encredible gtr videos. I mean i could ramble on about how greatly you demonstratet the break down of all and how these licks, sounds are created and played. Thumbs up to you bud. I'm glad to have found your site. Thanx

  8. Hi Doug,

    You are one heck of a guitar player. I have been playing on and off for about 20 years. I took some lessons about 15 years ago but never really followed through with them but after watching some of your lessons on line, I WILL be purchasing some of your DVD'S and videos. I learned more in 15 minutes watching you teach and play than I have in a verrrry long time. Keep up the GREAT WORK.

    Thanks, Robert

  9. Hey Doug,
    Justin here,
    I already got everything you have for sale!!!!! when is the "next big thing"???? Im waiting with baited fingers, I hope it will be more on some Chopin rhythm and something that will blow us all away!!
    Im waiting man, take care and GOD Bless!!!!!!


  10. Love you man, more old time country and less 'modern imroved/ country shred? But whatever, I have learned alot from you thank you,


  11. Doug, I'd like to see how this style can be applied to things like altered extensions such as dominant 13th #5 b9's, Diminished scales (half step-whole step, whole step-half step), diminished arpeggios, whole tone scales, exotic scales (Hungarian minor, lydian dominant, 8 tone Spanish),pelogs like kumoi, and any other outer space kind of stuff. I'm a fusion type player, and love incorporating different styles of music into the way I play. I think your playing is awesome and would love to see how you would approach some of this stuff.

  12. Doug, about a month ago I received a selection of your backing tracks. After watching your videos on different scale patterns and positions I forced myself to stay in the first position of the scale and pound it up against the backing track.
    After a day of that I was amazed at the difference in my approach to the arraignment. Prior to this I was stuck in that same old “rut” playing the same old stuff and playing just for the sake of something to do. NOW I’m not sure who I’m hearing play my guitar but by all indications it’s ME. On to position two!
    What a mind opener………….!

  13. Just got Vid #3 and takin it one at a time like u suggest and already my playing has improved.
    I enjoy your teaching approach. keep it up.

  14. I've got everything you've released so far (the big DVD/CD set and Hotter Licks), and it's all great. I've been playing for 27 years but never learned Country till now. I really like the different take on blues/rock riffs. It's fun and challenging, and your teaching style is great. Keep up the good work, Doug. Can't wait for the next DVD.

    -KS, Colorado

  15. i would also like to see some country fill licks.

  16. Hi Doug, You are truly a gifted player. How about some vids about connecting the licks together. Its great to be able to play a fast lick but understanding how they fit together over the chord progressions is what I've always struggled with. Also the jazz type licks that fit over a country rhythm are great. Love to see more of those. Thanks.

  17. Doug,
    Love your stuff I've seen so far. I like the fills suggestions. I'd also like a b-bender video or section, if you use one.
    Keep it up!

    (another) Doug / Kansas

  18. Thanks for all your kindness in getting this great teaching technique out to all of us who want to learn this style. You make it fun and bring it down to a one on one level. After 6 months with your "hotter licks" DVD, I am definitely noticing a positive difference in my playing and obviously many others are as well. Thanks for all of your hard work in getting this material to us all.

  19. Hay Doug, Like I said before, YOUR BRUTAL. I always loved chickin pickin. Had No idea where to start. You gave us all the opened gate to Country Pickin Heven. Could you show us how to play songs like, Sweet Liza Jane,Working Man Blues,Hi way 40 blues and the like. It would be sooo cool to learn,em step be step and show these
    so called country players how it's REALLY DONE!!
    None that I have seen, can play it RIGHT!

  20. Hey Doug, I have your 4 pack DVDs and also have the 101 Wicked Chicken Picken Licks. I think you are the best. I dont play country music persay, But i play country style Gospel. I learn alot from you, and would love to have a set of CDs Backing tracks. I have one set of Stand Alone Training CDs. Its the whole band and then i play all the lead guitar, except when the professional plays. I would love to order a CD of Your band playing and i try some of your licks. I know you have it on the computer, but i want a CD to run thru my amp and play along. I learn better that way. Ok man, keep up the teaching. It helps keep kids out of trouble. Playing is fun and relaxing. Let me Know about a CD band if you have one for sale. PS: I like your playing better than Brent Mason and Kelly Back and The new Kid.

  21. Doug, Just keep 'em comin' - I've got them all & there isnt enough time in the day to play catch up! But lets see more of our own star players stuff, Doug Sevens new concert dvd/cd? Everyone else is doin'it now, so how about you? Regards JMB

  22. Doug,
    I already have all of your lessons, and I love them. The new site looks great too. I would really like to see more rhythm techniques. Things that are relevant when playing with a band and not being in the way. I think the best guitarists blend when not playing fills or solos. "How to play when you're not soloing" or some such course would be extremely helpful for me. After that, I would love some Roy Nichols, Danny Gatton, or Brent Mason style Jazz DVD's. As always, you're the greatest. Keep it up.

  23. One of the things I like most about this site is not only the guitar tips, which are great, but also the personal feel of everyting. A person can actually email Doug and get an answer, from Doug no less.
    Thanks Doug.
    Daniel G. - Roseville MN

  24. Hey Doug,
    Dido with the ones who asked for a video for fill-ins. I think this would be great!

  25. Hey Doug,
    This is great stuff. I'm a Teacher now going on 8 years and it has helped me open the door for myself and my students. I have been playing guitar for 40 years and still learning everyday. I never played much country until about 5 years ago. I was one of the ones saying I ain't gonna learn no chickin pickin and mess my shredding up!
    Whoa,was I wrong.
    You have help me open up a new world and I can now see my neck 100% better thru out the chord forms and scales..
    Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I also know Johnny Hiland and have spent time with him in Nashville. He is one of my favorite country pickers along side of you..
    Maybe you can show us a few of his fiddle licks he uses on his guitar.

    Thanks, Once again, my friend!
    Gray P.- Denham Springs, Louisiana..Rock-On

  26. Hey Doug,
    Just finished up learning “Playing in Circles”….great stuff…..really gave my fingers a work out…had fun with all of it …. the drop D tuning was new and fun!
    I downloaded your “Hotter Licks & One Liners” part 2 and 3 yesterday…having fun with them already…..I would like to see you come out with some video’s on country “fill-in-licks” (applying new licks and connecting licks already learned from your video’s…showing how to apply them in a live situation with a band) as well as chord shapes and forms that you would use while playing in the background….it would be cool to see how you would approach standards, originals and improvisational songs…..with a “put on the spot” approach….."How to play when you're not soloing" is so important that many of the guitarist out there forget the proper way of blending in with the band and singer……however, the good one’s do know how…it’s the difference between day and night.

    Keith Wyatt teaches blues on several video’s and uses a live band while teaching…he first teaches the licks and chords for rhythm…then while the band plays…..he will take the lead while you the student plays rhythm and the he plays rhythm while you the student take the lead…’s a great way to teach and fun all at the same time…..really gives you a “playing live” feeling….may be a cool and fresh approach for your video’s in the future.

    Anyway…hope you don’t mind the feedback…your awesome and keep up the great work!

    Nashville, TN