Doug Seven LIVE Guitar shows

WELCOME to DougSeven LIVE guitar jams!
Our very first LIVE show is tonight at 8:30 pm (Eastern Time)

I'll be jamming in the studio with my buddy Mitch Stalling and just goofing off mostly.

This is the FIRST time We've ever done anything like this so I'm SUPER excited about getting to come into your house and be on more of a personal level with YOU!

PLEASE leave comments at and LET US KNOW what things you want to see in the upcoming LIVE shows and jams!

Some featurers we will be adding to LIVE include;
  • Live Chat where you can talk to US and each other during the show
  • One on One private Group Guitar LESSONS
  • Special guests and a LOT of cool Jamz here
I can't wait to see you there!

Register your email so that we can let you know when the next show will be!
I would like to get to the point where we all meet at the same time each week...

Comments and ideas please! Make sure you comment on the "Doug Seven Live" BLOG
See you TONIGHT at 8:30pm (Eastern time)

GO TO for the show

~Doug Seven

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  1. Please remember for europeans to send out mail a bit earlier..when I got my mail it was all over. Regards