Vince Gill Guitar Licks Video READY!

Hey guys, THANK YOU SOOOOO Much for all the GREAT comments and suggestions!
I have read EVERY single comment and have taken a lot of notes...

I'm happy to say that the Vince Gill Video is Ready NOW!

Click HERE Guitar Licks of Vince Gill Video 


  1. Hey Doug
    I think this is a great Idea and your right, If not for these type of great pickers we would have what we do today, sugestions... Merle,Buck,and Marty Stuart.

    keep up the great job

  2. Just went through it all. You picked some very tasty stuff. Well worth $17!

  3. Hey Doug--Just picked up 4 of your videos in the mail today. As I watched the Vinny download the other night, man, I was afraid this would be over my head. But your "free stuff" area will close the gaps. I never learned scales; just chords then went into pickin' by ear. I can see this stuff is gonna help me a TON. Thanks, man, for spending so much time on the free stuff to make what you sell VERY PERTINENT.