HOT Brad Paisley Guitar Licks - Tab and Backing Tracks

Here's 2 FREE Brad Paisley Guitar Licks on Video with FREE Tabs and Backing Tracks!

Brad Paisley is still one of the hardest guitarists to learn just by ear. Sometimes ya need a little help "seeing" behind his techniques.

His licks are played so darn fast sometimes it's tough to hear the detail...

In "Sizzling Guitar Licks Volume 4" and "Hotter Licks and Killer One-Liners", we break down his technique SLOWLY and competely so that you can incorporate his licks into your own style!

Here's the free Brad Paisley Video with Guitar Tab and Backing Tracks! ENJOY;

Your picking buddy...
Doug Seven



  1. Doug, there "Heads of state" (Gill, Paisely, Gatton and so on....) You should be President because you help us....the little people! Thanks man......Mark Jones

  2. Brad Paisley decided on a water theme for his 2010 tour, the ideas started to flow new special effects on stage,American Saturday Night Tour is selling Brad Paisley Tickets like crazy, I even got my tix from .An outdoor water park for fans, a fundraising campaign for safe drinking water around the world and so on. Cant wait to be there.