Brad Paisley Simple Guitar Technique Doug Seven

Today's video is a simple demonstration of 1 SIMPLE Guitar Technique that Brad Paisley uses a LOT...

This will easily double or even TRIPLE your speed and execution when working and improving your FAST and clean approach...

Before you watch the video, please take a moment and skim through some of the emails I've been getting since the release of this NEW DVD "Habitual Techniques - The Secret Methods of Guitarists like Brad Paisley"!

This is GREAT!


Hey Doug,

The dvd was so nicely done, a true inspiration. I had been dabbling in this style for a couple of years... More for rock and bluegrassy playing. He uses lots of open string ideas. Bluegrassy meaning, it gives the illusion of speed to country style licks.

Your dvd is an excellent guide for me. Kind of opened a bigger door for much more expansive ideas... Such as combining two scales plus open strings, "the three for one special".

Thank you for keeping the pickin' fun and interesting.
best wishes,

Doug, This DVD has been a God send.

I’ve been doing each exercise until my fingers can’t go anymore… Then I rest and do it all again. I’ve always wanted to include open strings in my playing and I’ve been playing a long time. Like you said, it doesn’t sound like it belongs when played slow and that’s why I haven’t been able to figure it out before. I believed that it should be correct in theory.But, now I know that when it’s played fast it sounds great. So, this is the secret that has kept me from getting it in the past and for that I thank you so very much.

Sometimes you just need to be shown that it works and the exercises are fantastic.

This is put together so very well and I like that you explained it all in the first video… Then got into the meat of it in the second part and then putting it all together in the 3rd.

Your CD ‘Seven’ is awesome!

Doug - I've only gotten through part of the material. Awesome as always;

You have a great gift for explaining playing concepts in a way that even us old dogs can understand.

Keep 'em coming! 

Best Christmas Wishes to you & family;
Sandy C.

Hi, Doug.
The video is great, and it will for sure change my playing. I have not had enough time to dig properly into it, but I’m practicing the first 8 licks regularly now.

I have to add that of all videos and books I have used over the years, nothing compares to your videos.

They are very inspiring, and your laid-back style when presenting your stuff makes me think that “I can do this!”.

Thank you and a merry x-mas for you and your family.
Best regards,

Doug, Man it's really rough to find a way to say you can do more (I've got enough stuff here to work on for the next 10 years)

This video is over the top. Just a great job. You're in Brad's hip pocket, you've nailed his runs and technique.

We saw your pedals and amps (the Wampler Brad Paisley will stay on my board), man I'm tellin ya -you've got one monster tone.

Again, Doug thank you for all you've done and may next year bring you more success.

Merry Christmas
Bob B.

I just sat down this week with the dvds and have been studying the first four licks. Never a concern here, These latest ones will teach some extreme form and finger techniques.

I look forward to getting through the entire vid. Can't wait to see what we have next time.
Steve L.

Hey Doug,
It's great...possibly your best, if such things can be measured.

Merry Christmas,

Dear Doug,
I love the new video. It's helping me get closer to the day when I send you my own videos!
I'm getting there, and this and your other videos have helped a lot. Thanks,

This one is pulling me over the (good) line - Reminded me of forty years ago when I would practice for 4-6 hours and BAM! something would click...

Good job, and the separate picking/fingering section with no voice over is super.
Bob F.

Hi Doug, It's Ken G. from "Down Under" in Australia here.

The package with all the DVDs I ordered arrived a few days ago and I've been looking through them and I just had to write and tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with them.

You've put so much fantastic stuff in these DVDs that I know when I get some of it down I know my playing will improve by leaps and bounds!

Thanks also for all the encouragement you give all of us players by always telling us to take it slow and saying that you also took time to learn these licks.

You always seem so genuine in wanting others to improve their playing and you certainly unlock some of the secrets of mastering the guitar.

Thanks so much again and if you ever get down to Australia please let me know.
Have a "Merry Christmas" and a great New Year. Best wishes,

Doug - love your stuff. I bought all your Cd's about a year ago, doodled with them a bit, and them put them aside, but still did some of your riffs when I would mess with my guitar, even threw some in some of the rock tunes I was already playing.

But, then, about a week ago, I started the riffs in Playing in Circles..... Put some real time in, and did it SLOW (very important..... as you say).

I played at least 3 to 5 hours a day for the last week.... Fingers permitting. I am now getting it!!! It's awesome.

I'll be posting a vid on Youtube in a month or two once I perfected the jams error free, and will be bragging about your vids.

This is a new dimension in my guitar playing.

Thanks much, Enjoyed seeing Brad Paisley on the CMA Christmas special last night. He's got nothing on you though!!

I don't know if you read these or not; but you're vids have made a major impact on my country guitar studies..

Even though I have played professionally for many years, I constantly learn new and wonderful things from you.

You are the best and I thank the wish... Have a great holiday and here's wishing you and you're family are happy and secure this season and well beyond,


...GOOD LORD Doug!

I really don't know what to say!




Super, super cool!?

Totally inspirational!?

You are all of these things my friend. Where do you come from, buddy!?

Seriously, come on! I really don't know what to say!

I've been teaching guitar for 20 years and you are you of the most thoughtful/generous teachers that I've ever studied under (you have taught me so much!)

I use YOUR videos and materials all the time and I tell all of my musician friends about you site and tell them... "If you want to become a better guitarist, then get Doug Seven's stuff!"

You humble me, man! And you're a great musician... damn! And a smoke'n guitarist!!!

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you do for us.

I just had to tell you Doug! It's important that you know that!

God bless you, Doug!
Oskar -peace

Tony wrote:
"Doug, this is one of your HUGE fans from Nashville.

You've really inspired me to play again after 20 years of not touching my vintage axes. Been practicing your licks for the last 6 months. Driving my family crazy because I can't put it down... Gettin' way better than I was when I played in a band for years in my 20's. I wish I woulda had somebody explain theory back then the way you do. Your style and sound is my absolute favorite OF ALL TIME"!

Enjoy  The VIDEO



  1. As usual Doug, you have another winner which I just can't wait to get into. Your DVD series has helped my guitar playing so much over the past 18 moths that looking back now makes me so grateful I ordered that initial DVD from you. The others that followed all have been so valuable in opening up previously closed doors that existed with the guitar. You are a master teacher and an amazing player to say the least. I look forward always to getting your new stuff and working on it. Happy New Year and I wish you every dream come true for the coming year!

  2. Happy new year Doug,
    you make it always look so simple - I like the video clip. I'm Still working on your other cd's
    making progress, thanks for the great bundle of stuff.

  3. Doug, your video's are the best i've seen although I'll probably never get as good as you. I can at least stand to hear myself play now thank you. I've watched some of your other students videos and all i can say is there is hope for the future of music . thanks colin.

  4. Doug,
    That's awesome. The way you explain things is so easy to follow.
    Thank you for everything you.
    Have an great 2011.

  5. Great job Doug! I'm not that into country, although it is prob the most advanced music form out there today. I'm just too lazy or something to practice. I think this technique or lick or whatever might come in handy some day though. If I practice it! LOL.....have a great new year!

  6. Thanks Doug. Once again you fired me up to keep at it. My playing such as it is continues to improve even at my ripe age with your videos.

  7. you play great. I'm new to this style of music and you gave me a new window in music to look at. I hope I could learn your picking style.

  8. Hi Doug
    what a revelation!this is an amazing video
    you make playing the Brad type riffs so easy
    i played the vid 4 times and was up to speed on the 3rd time round.
    keep up the good work mate,
    from Paul Jackson..

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