Brad Paisley Guitar Tone "Paisley Overdrive"

Just uploaded a NEW video from "Habitual Techniques"!

"The TONE'z" is an easy demonstration of what I use and how I set my effects pedals to get a similar tone to Brad Paisley... You can get a GREAT "Paisley style" tone with these 3 pedals in about 5 minutes...


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  1. Hi Doug
    I just watched your Brad Paisley tone video and I must say you sure get a great tone. I've always been impressed by your sound. I see that you highly endorse the Wampler line of guitar effects now and I think they are quality gear. However, there are new toys on the market like the "Elevenrack" and HD400 by Line 6 that in line price wise with the Wampler stuff and sound just as good, not only for country tones but for jazz, rock and everything in between. They are pricey too but at close to $200.00 US per Wampler pedal for the cost of just over 4 of those I can get the Elevenrack or buy two HD400's by Line 6. You see my point I hope. As well, I don't have a bunch of patch cables and a pedal board to contend with and I can get a reasonable facsimile of any tone out there from Steve Vai to Doug Seven with all stops in between while recording direct with any of my saved patches.
    I'm so blown away by that one minute and change video you did to promote your new Brad DVD. Your riffs are just awesome and dare I say getting better all the time. Who would have thought that possible? I will be purchasing your Paisley DVD as a download because I always learn so much from your materials you put out. I love your playing and easy going style. I couldn't get one decent lesson for the price of one DVD which contains several mind blowing lessons every time.
    Thank you Doug for continuing to be an inspiration and a country guitar hero of mine, right up there with the Vince Gills and Brad Paisleys. Keep up the good work my friend and have a safe and happy holiday and prosperous New Year.