Chicken Pickin' Champs - NEW

Have you checked out the NEW Chicken Pickin' Champions page lately?
I've added a couple more "champ" videos today and there's MORE coming!

Also, wanted to remind you that the newest video package was a tremendous HIT!

It's called "5 Golden Ingredients to MASTERING Country Guitar Rhythm"

You can Download it in HIGH DEF! Our first ever HD download...

I've also included a FREE 10 minute Preview that you can watch now.

That's the "LATEST" news for now! Thanks for checking it out!

Talk REAL soon!
Doug Seven


  1. love the new video... that gal is absolutly GREAT ... thank you Doug for all the effort that you have put into this, and Thank You for your Time... Ron Shalita

  2. Dang girl!! That's awesome! And what a great tone. Look out world!

    Tony B.

  3. Hey Doug,The new dvd is so good, a real buzz & of great benefit too. The young lady is also so good - she's great! Such timing, tone,& technique its enough to make an old guy wanna quit! But NO! Its just great to see your teaching in such good hands, so well done young lady, you make this old heart feel real good too. JMB

  4. Great picker she surely is, Doug. Also, your latest Country Guitar Rhythm was the most helpful one so far for me. I have 'em all. Keep the tubes glowing & dvd's coming.

  5. Hi Doug. Well i must say, i have never heard so many great guitar pickers in all my life . Makes my mouth water. I am 65 and just play straight guitar, can't put all those fancy bends and stuff in my music. I do alot of bending but its the staight forward kind. I am either to old, or to lazy or just don't have time. Bet you have not heard that many excuses in a long time. Any way thanks for the great vidios. Eric

  6. That Laura Cox video was the clincher for me when I was deciding whether or not to order your dvds. Glad I did!