Doug Seven is Cleaning House!

Hey guys, a lot of NEW things going on around here (much of it has a lot to do with YOU) and it's all very exciting, but more about that in a minute... 

I just wanted you to know that we've been working on managing and organizing all the content I've done in the 8+ years doing these videos (you can probably imagine how much is out there, spread all over the internet).

When I'm working on new guitar lessons, steal this lick videos and new products for you, we work at the speed of thought around here and things get REALLY messy! LOL 

So, as you can see that this blog has had a little face-lift and a lot of the content like the famous and HIGHLY VIEWED "Steal This Lick" videos are going to be here on this blog site from now on, and the EVER GROWING and Inspiring "Chicken Pickin Champions" page and videos will be posted here too! 

Also, the Sizzling Guitar Licks site is undergoing some major surgery too... All of the 'classic' "Free Country Guitar Videos" are going to be organized so that I can concentrate on adding NEW ONES for you... I have some really good stuff up my sleeve for YOU! 

Oh YEAH, if you haven't noticed yet, we also have a brand new Store Front and soon, all of the (10 different!) store pages will look the same! LOL revolutionary concept right?! 

Here's where you can find the the NEW "Sizzling Guitar Guitar Licks Dvd/Download Store".


ALL the sizzling guitar products that you have purchased over the years are being uploaded in SHORT, Bite-Sized CHAPTERS into an awesome Customer-Hub where you will be able to stream-live and watch right there, you can still download them too,  you'll never lose your materials again, You'll also be able Interact with others, ALL IN ONE PLACE! Yes, finally! Look for this around mid-2013! 
Anyway, don't wanna bore you with the details, just wanted to get this UP and post some latest news here, and let you know about it! 

Have an awesome day and thanks for reading! 

Doug Seven 

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