The #1 BEST Guitar Technique EVER?

The #1 Guitar Trick EVER? Free For YOU!

Hey, it's Doug here!
I feel like I have SO MUCH to share with you that I can't fit it all in;

Grayson Levi (now 9-months old) still hasn't figured out the "sleeping thing" (So, I've been "working extra hours" here at the studio! :) 

See Video for Proof :) (plus I explain important info in this video)

We're celebrating our 8th Great Year at Sizzling Guitar Licks...

And MANY other great things that I can't get into here...

Anyway, here's the part that has everything to do with YOU;

I have the most *incredible "Steal This Lick Video Series" for you!

It has so many GOLDEN NUGGETS!

I CANNOT WAIT until you watch this and hear what you have to say!

I'm serious too.... Here's the scoop;

There is VERY SIMPLE system that I use for EVERY lick or technique I know.

If you EVER want to learn anything new on the guitar, this is the #1 secret to making it SHINE

The #1 guitar secret of all the guitar legends past and present.

What I have for you is a series of fun "creative-thinking" exercises that opens up a WORLD of possibilities with your current style!

When you know how to use this, it will totally REVOLUTIONIZE your overall technique and style.

Sound good? Well, I Wanted to Give it To Ya FREE!

In The Next 17 Minutes From Now You Can Learn;
  • A Killer Open String Riff -Brent Mason and Brad Paisley Style- 
  • How To Apply a Little-Known Technique -That Instantly Opens The Throttle on Your Speed-
  • Mix and Fuse it Together -This Is The SECRET SAUCE That Makes Just 1 LICK or Idea Truly UNLIMITED!
  • Learn How To Apply Time Distortion/Advanced Playing Outside The Box and The "Playing Against The Grain" Techniques

In Video #1 (just day 1) you'll learn; 
@ 3:07 in the video -  A Famous Brent Mason Cross-Picking Open String Lick

@6:30 - A HUGE Brad Paisley Secret to Transposing

@8:15 - We'll Change the Time Signature on the Same Exact Phrase

@11:20 - The #1 SECRET is Revealed - How to Start Playing Outside The Box NOW

@12:20 - Time Distortion - Many Call This "Playing Against The Grain"

Remember, That's Just DAY 1!

This is What The Best Players of All Time Have Done That Separates Them From The Rest!

There's also 7 Free-Backing-Tracks and the whole shebang!

I wanted to come out of winter with a BANG, and I want you to come with me.

I also wanted to THANK YOU sincerely, and FROM MY HEART, for the BEST (now 8) years of my life!

Here's to ANOTHER 8 YEARS!

Thanks for reading and always clicking through to ALL the videos!
~Doug Seven

P.S. There's also a very "Exclusive to YOU" reason to watch this video ASAP!


  1. lover your videos... please keep em coming..

  2. D7:

    Thank you for the peak at Grayson and your free lesson. You are very generous. Now get some sleep, LOL


  3. Great Info, Tips are Awesome,

    if no tabs, i'd like to be able to download video to slow down and see what your doing, where, when,

    i see no backing tracks yet !

    i'm anxious to start


  4. Hence that I am probably going to take for ever to play the material as fast as you can, I am still highly motivated to play the guitar.
    I am a beginner in playing country music and you inspire me so much. Please keep on doing what you do!


  5. Hello Doug,
    Thanks for all the inspiration you give.
    Even if I do not find the time to get to work through all your exercises and DVDs, there's always a pleasure to receive new input through your emails.
    Grayson Levi is a real sunshine and with a small beard, he'd look just like you ;-)
    Good luck and all the best from Germany.

    Like some others I wish you would have a program to structure practicing and focus.

  6. Thanks for all your efforts at teaching. I'm finally getting somewhere.

  7. Thank goodness my 3 boys are grown now. I remember those days. Now I have 2 granddaughters and the youngest is 3 weeks. I have to babysit Thursday night. Should be fun. I've playing for almost 45 years( yeah that makes me sound ancient but I'm 57)and I have never bought a how to video from anybody until I found yours on the internet. I bought the whole set and every time I watch it it gives me new inspiration and I'm diggin it !

  8. Hey Doug,
    Thank you for the very video series. You are one of those guys that makes me want to sell my guitar(s) and give up, on one hand, yet greatly inspire me one the other. I just turned 50 and should be a lot better than I am, but oh well! I have learned a lot and am reinspired to be the next great axe player or average dabbler, which ever it may be. I will definitely be purchasing some of your videos. Thanks again for the great product.
    PS very cute kid.

  9. hey Doug, thank you very much, I have really learned a lot things with your lessons! I wish to buy soon your videos. coming soon.


    Windson Dantas

  10. Grayson is such a cutie! Ditto the small beard thing.
    Thanks for all you do for us "wanna bees". Really love your pickin', and hope to meet you sometime. Do you play around Columbus? I'll drive up from FLA.


    Hi doug,
    i buy every video u put out... however i would love to see you put some videos out on how to play a particular country song from the kick-off.. the solo.. the rhythm, etc. Show us how to play every lick in the song in slow motion. I would buy these if u put them out! Check out link above for example.
    thank you,

  12. Hi Doug, I've been playing for 40 years and your vids have really helped me broaden the way I view the guitar. I live in Victoria, Australia and it's just not possible to find anyone to teach country style guitar. Thanks so much. By the way Grason is one cute kid! Hope he works out about sleep soon. cheers Mate. Wayne Higgins

  13. Hi Doug, it's cool, my son is 1 y old, and he loves this type of chair. He's a master of this little uku (, I guess yours is a player too :)))

  14. Thanks for ALL of the videos and emails I receive. Sure beats picking the needle up and gently putting it back down over and over again to try and capture the lick ! Great work Doug.

  15. You know the thing that struck me is that your son is a spittin' image of his dad. Or....the dad is a spittin' image of the son. One of those zen things. I will say that I can see you in his face. You both look like you are ready to get into trouble of some sort of your own making, and you like it that way. :-)

    The energy and the knowledge you provide is a life of giving to others. That is the best kind of life and lives forever. I am always amazed at the things I learn from your playing.
    Thanks Doug

  16. I just want to say THANK YOU for your great work, Doug.