Blues Masterclass Students Killing It!


Here's Bob Figlo - He sent this to my email about 3 days after he purchased the Blues Masterclass Lessons! I'm always SO Proud when someone actually DOES THE WORK and digs in!

Here's the 1st SOLO

Here's the 2nd SOLO! He Totally NAILS it! 

Here's What's Inside Doug Seven's Blues Masterclass Total Guitar Package;

DVD 1 – The Blues Masterclass Modules Training (21 Full Solos/Instrumentals with Complete Lesson at the End of Each Module - ALSO comes With Slow Video Versions of Each Solo For Capturing and Perfecting Your Technique)

DVD 2 – 5 Minute Domination Exercises Videos (One-on-One "Private Lesson Style" Exercises. With Doug as Your Personal COACH - Doug Takes You By The Hand, and as You Practice Together, He Shows You (at your own pace) What To Work on In REAL-TIME

CD-ROM – Companion CD/Tabs and Real-Band Backing Tracks (Your Tabs and Masterclass "CHEAT SHEETS" Plus Full Dynamic Practice Tracks With and Without Guitar and in 3 Different Keys Each For Perfect Practice. The Full Solo CD is Included on Your CD-Rom Too)!

I POURED My Heart Into Creating These 21 Solos.
This is NOT Just A Bunch of Licks Thrown Into a Song.

EACH Solo Has a Very Specific Function To SHOW You and Teach You
The Dynamics of Playing Artfully and Soulfully With Precision!

Step by Step, as You Watch These Videos and Learn The Parts, You'll
Notice (as a By-Product) Your Playing and Your MIND Transforming
and You'll Begin To Integrate These Techniques Into Your
Playing Automatically!

You'll Start Playing The Kinds of Leads and Solos You've Always Heard From
MAJOR Players, and You'll Quickly Understand "HOW" They Create Serious
Impact in Their Songs and Music!

• Soulful Melodic Phrasing - You'll be making melodies with your guitar that people like to sing along to. These are the kind of solos that are remembered and "go down in history".

• Playing Against the Grain - You'll know how to change the mood of any song and create a "pattern-Interrupt" with this technique.

• 16th Note Triplets - There's a time and place for using this technique. I'll show you EXACTLY when and more importantly, WHERE to use this  to really make your solos stand out!

• Playing in 'Odd-Timings' - I'll show you an easy way to change your "thinking" about timings and how to really add SPICE to your leads (and rhythms) during your parts.

• Mixing Hybrid, Double and Triple-Stops - This is vitally important. Using these techniques is where you'll start to sound "different" than the rest, and your "typical" blues solos and leads will get NOTICED.

• 16th Note Double-Time Phrasing - This technique is used when you want to PUSH the song into a climactic section and really change things up with the ENERGY and overall FEELING.

• Playing 'Outside-the-Box' - One of the fastest ways to sound advanced is to learn one or two simple note-choices that I'll show you inside every solo!

• Easy Ways to Mix JAZZ into Your Phrasings - You'll quickly see how UN-complicated this really is. It "sounds" hard, but I'll show you EASY TRICKS to add some jazz into your leads and solos.

• Climactic Rhythm Techniques - Want to add some SERIOUS body to your sound and fill up your leads during a solo? I'll show you some SIMPLE but amazingly POWER-RHYTHMS you can easily throw into your songs.

• Mixing Rhythm Within the Phrases - It's so impressive to hear a guitarist that can MIX rhythm into and in between his solos. It creates a variety of coolness. You'll learn exactly when, where and how to do this.

• Adding Bass-Lines to Your Solo Parts - Another great way to enhance your lead parts is to do this trick I'll show you in each module (and in the 5-minute practices) to SPICE up your solo.

• Creative and Unique Bending Techniques - Pre bends, post-bends make EVERY part of your solo more melodic and "voice-sounding". This is a VERY overlooked and underrated technique.

• Movable Chords and Using Triads - You'll learn how to use ALL techniques-in-one by taking rhythm, lead and single phrases to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL with these movable triads and chord shapes I'll show you.

Are you ready to start playing with some serious DYNAMICS and learn INFINITE ways to express your musical language?

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