Chicken Pickin Champ Doug Seven Vince Gill Solo

Here's Bradley: Doing a KILLER job on a Vince Gill Solo taught in "The Legendary Licks of Vince Gill"

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Tell me what you think of Brad's video in the comments below!


  1. I like his facial expression. Or lack there of... Nice playing!

  2. Spank it,spank it, spank it,way cool,burn it on down

  3. Great jammin Bradley!!

  4. Good job, bud. Keep er' going!

  5. I like... but Doug - I have a suggestion for all of us who may be looking to better our live guitar and recording performances: I noticed his timing is not perfect like yours is, and I have the same issue. I guess it is a brain to fingers delay. I don't hear it until I record myself. My issue is about the same as this student. I would LOVE to get my timing and meter as good as yours! Suggestions?

    1. Stephen, that's a great point! You're already WAY ahead of the game just by KNOWING that you may be in front of, or behind the beat a little with your riffs and solos...

      The best tip I have is the one you already pointed out: Record yourself!

      When I notice my timing going off, I try and be aware of "what" I'm thinking about.

      Meaning, sometimes when you know exactly what you're going to play (like you've played a solo a thousand times) or it's a lick you can do in your sleep, the emotion gets thrown off a bit and you'll find yourself just flying through it -or worse, trying to make it more "appealing" by slowing it down just a bit.

      There's a TON I can say about this -but I would just pay attention to when you're thinking too far ahead of yourself, or if you're trying to squeeze more "soul" out of it, that's usually when your timing will be off.

  6. Love it. Great job, Bradley.