What Would Danny Gatton Do?

Hey Guys, Doug Seven here.
Hope you're having a great day...

I have a video you haven't seen yet, it reminds me of the way Danny Gatton always used little Jazz licks and chords when he played that made him STAND OUT so much!

God, I loved the way he did this...

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Enjoy and LEAVE Comments please!

Yours, Doug Seven


  1. D6/9 (D F# B E) = E9 no 3rd,A 11 no 3rd,Bm7 sus4.(A6/9 no 3rd =A ,F# B E as in the video)
    Relative to A blues ( A C D Eb E G) ,C maj7 b5 (Cmaj7#11) G6 or Gmaj7 and the b5 of A = Eb,D# is a bit easier here' so Bsus4 in 1st inversion.
    The 6/9 chord as you take it through the blues scale either suspends the chord or adds the 'upper structure' harmony(9,11,13=2,4,6 1 octave higher). I think one key here becomes hearing the leading tones(the half step moves) to the 'next' chord.Resolve to resolve!

  2. I don't think Danny would've quite put it that way, but I appreciate it!

  3. I have to agree Danny wasn't much for knowing music theory. He just played what sounded good.

  4. Doug, There is so much I wish to say. I think Thank You sums it up!
    Have fun and keep up the good work.

  5. Doug...One of your videos hit on a 10 second lesson I was given over 40 years ago by the local guitar God. "It's not what you put in, it's what you leave out that will make you stand out as a lead player. One note bent spot on can sometimes be more effective than a 16 note run"
    Enjoying learning some of the stuff I should have learned years ago when there was no one around to teach me.