New Young Chicken Pickin' Champ!

Here we have another great example of what happens when you take
"good instruction" and HARD WORK and mix the 2 together!

This is Christoffer Johansson from Sweden and last time I heard he's only 17!

He gives me a lot more credit than I deserve in this vid but I really appreciate it...

Thanks for sharing Chris! You're awesome man.


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  1. WOW!
    Awesome playing Chris!
    I too have used Dougs instructional videos and I went from no hybrid to ALL hybrid
    I come from a hard rock background and I'll tell you I haven't played that style since I started hybrid picking last December 2009.
    At some point I will make my own videos to share the results of Dougs awesome vids and instruction. He inspired me big time and obviously you to Chris. Keep on Pickin'

  2. does he know his hat's on crooked?

  3. Crippe, my Swedish buddy! Congratulations on becoming a member of the Champs Club! Big fan of all your videos - love this new one. Great licks and tone.

  4. Chris you are a great picker! Love your tone, your playing is fantastic!

  5. The kid is good has some nice chops.By listening to what most young people are into , this one know a good tone.
    His hat probably slipped for all the head banging, get him a belt big buckle and I bet he could be a red neck , the kid is cool to me.

  6. WOW great pickin' there bro!!!Love your tone you've got a bright future ahead of you young man,keep up the great pickin'!!!!

  7. hey awesome kid!!


  8. Christoffer JohanssonSeptember 15, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    Holy moly ! I´m chocked haha ! Seriously , I never thought I´d be published on this great site among all the great players in the Chicken picking family ! My clip is a very sloppy take so I don´t feel worthy at all.

    Thanks everyone for the kind support , very kind of you !

    Doug, you are truly amazing and all the good feedback you get is not because people just want to be polite and kind! You are one of the top players in the world, thats fact. Something else that is fact is that you are one of the most humble and generous man about your gift.

    Thanks Dawg ! :-)

    P.s I don´t have my cap straight because i want to look like a gangster uknow kind of like 50cent ! lol

  9. Nice to see country/chicken pickin is universal.Chris you really have a gift.Very cool,keep playing little brother.

  10. hope I can get half that good

  11. Yoh Crippe my maaaan. Serious nice playing. So nice riffs and that AC30 is hard to beat in sound. Thumbs Up!....keep picking / Lambadalasse

  12. Hi Chris & Doug!

    I'm a very experienced guitar player from Norway, so now I want to share this with You guys.
    First of all, to You Chris, Great Tone, great technique, but the most important; You've got the GROOVE man, and regardless the tone and technique, as long as you've got the groove, every kind of sound WILL GROOVE.
    To You my dear guitar friend Doug; I do a lot of clinics for experienced guitarists, and I've written a book that's called; "Music Theory for the Guitarist". This will be published later on this autum here in Norway, but what I wanted to say to You, is that I like Your humble way of teaching, and that makes it so pedagogical correct and simple for everyone to gain a lot from. Keep up Your good work my guitar friend. Even though I play every guitar style you know, from classical through rock, jazz, country, gypsy, you name it, and use all kinds of techniques, there are ALLWAYS something to learn from each other, and I'm taking a lot of learning from what You show on Your DVD's.
    So to all You guitarplayers out there, remember, be humble and never think that You don't have anything else to learn on Your instrument, that will only stop You in gaining more.
    Best Regards
    Paul G. Kadim

  13. Greetings from Finland!
    Hold on there fellas! Not only young cowboys got carried away with Doug DVD's.
    Check out my chicken pickin:

  14. Great job! I bought #4 dvd and am hoping to get there some day. Planning on getting the whole line of video discs from Doug. Love his style and conviction.

  15. For quite a while I've been playing fingerstyle in the style of Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed, and have even performed with Chet for a small audience, but have lately been interested in adding this style to what I do. Watching a 17 year old with this much control is very inspiring!

  16. Kid had a smile on his face the whole time...that's what it's a bout


  17. I see what you mean about the hat!

  18. The beauty of music is no matter how good you are,there will always be somebody that bit better who inspires you to keep pushing.

  19. Screw the hat. I dont know his age, but what a great tone. Keep your eye on this kid.
    Eric Applegate.....

  20. the smile on the face the whole time speaks it all.....and to continue to jam on time without the backing track....two thumbs up brother....its awesome to see this style of playing goin on "across the pond" :)