Guitar Licks and Style of Brad Paisley - Habitual Techniques

Guitar Licks and Style of Brad Paisley - Habitual Techniques

Hey guys,

The NEXT guitar hero in the video series is FINALLY READY!

Guess Who?

Well, it's called: "Habitual Techniques" and it's a study on the guitar style and licks of Brad Paisley. (and it's super good)

You'll get 3 separate videos (We really over-delivered this time)

Video 1:
is the lesson video that explains these new techniques that will totally freak you out when you see them in action. The very simple way you can instantly add them to your style.

Video 2:
Get ready to break a sweat on this one. It Has 30 Very Hot Killer Licks with Zero Talking!

Video 3:
Is the TONE that gets us closer than ever to the sound that your hear from Brad Paisley...

I believe this is the best video I've ever done... It's my new favorite :)
It has something for everybody. A video with talking, a video with
no talking and just licks, tone settings, TONS of licks (30 killer licks),
tabs for every riff, fast examples, slow examples...

See you on the inside and talk soon,


  1. You are blazing on the demo - looks exciting!

  2. Between 9:47 - 9:52'ish - How in the hell did you do that? For that matter, how did you suddenly get even faster than before and come up with so many new style of licks? Are a lot of those sequences on the new Paisley vid? In my opinion, the stuff you are playing on this demo is not really chicken picking anymore - it is something way beyond - and much cooler, too. But that particular sequence I have called out - I am betting, that even with any variety of slow-down software, it is going to be too fast to see.