Country Guitar

 Country Guitar - Video #2 Steal This Lick 
Long Scale Phrase Lesson Part 1 of 2

You ready for Video #2 in this week's "#1 Best Guitar Technique EVER" video series!
In this week's video, Doug Seven will show you a very cool country guitar lick in a repetitive technique. 

These Are Some Things To Expect From Today's Lesson; 
  • Your Speed, Timing and Accents
  • Transposing Licks INTO SOLOS
  • Better knowledge of the fretboard
  • Thinking in shapes and patterns 
Here's some things to watch for in the video! 
@2:35 in the video - We'll learn a smokin' fast hot lick using chromatic notes that has that great chicken pickin' country guitar sound.

@8:00 - Doug shows you the MAGIC of phrasing by breaking it up into 'chunks' of notes and changing the timing. 

@10:10 - Doug talks about the absolute BEST and most productive way to learn and practice anything new!

@11:30 - How to make boring scales RELEVANT and fresh by doing this 1 VITAL thing when you practice!

Basically, if you are needing some MAJOR shortcuts and HEAVY inspiration, you need to be ON TODAY'S VIDEO with us!


  1. hey everybody!
    I would just like to say I've been playing all my life of 61 years, since the age of 10yo. or so?

    I have found that your never too old to learn, and just because,,, I've been playing 50 years I learn from Doug different tricks, patterns, look at scales differently
    plus all his licks. hehehe they are cool ,too!
    these are the best of the best on the web,believe me . I'm like you,, I search all over the web for new idea's. His program or teachings is top! he takes his time and explains every thing in picking .
    Thanks doug

  2. 43 year pro (old fart)with tons of instructional %&(%$$% wants everyone to know that this is the BEST lead guitar method and teacher. PERIOD! Doug do you just 'haff' to teach 'em all our tricks. You're puttin me outta bidness!!LOL Lovin' It!!! Doug in #2 the glare is covering the position markers at times...I can't seem to download the backing tracks.....Linerider...OKC