Country Guitar - Video #3

Country Guitar (Palooza)! 
(Free-Video-3) The Golden Guitar Technique

WOW, This little guitar video series is making records for us at Sizzling Guitar!

With OVER 10,000 viewers since MONDAY, this is really turning out to be MUCH MORE than I could've ever expected!

I'm really overwhelmed at reading your Facebook comments too -It's more than inspiring!

Listen - Video-Day #3 is keeping with the "#1 Guitar Technique Ever" theme this week;

  • a Very Killer (super easy) Way To Play The Diminished Scale (hint: I use it over the IV chord)

  • How To Expand Your Fretboard Knowledge in 5 Seconds with This One Technique

  • How Learning This Technique Will Give You An "Edge" That Will Help You Learn Almost Anything Automatically

These are ALL FREE Lesson Videos in case you haven't been with us on this series!

Come join the FUN!!! Click HERE For Video #3!

See You THERE!

Please keep leaving your wonderful comments below the videos!

Doug Seven 

P.S. You can imagine how cool it was to see these viewer stats yesterday

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