Steal This Vince Gill Solo

Hey! Doug Seven here with a great Steal This Lick Video with Tabs, Backing Track Downloads and all...

This is a Short But VERY Fun Vince Gill Solo From One of His Great Hits in the 90's (they were all great).

Pay Attention in this video, around the 5:20 Minute Mark, I Give You an Incredible "Trick of The Trade" That will Help You Learn ALL Future Licks and Solos MUCH FASTER and More Accurately.

Believe it or not, 90% of Guitar Tabs out there on the net are DEAD WRONG.

I'll Show You How to KNOW For Sure How the Actual Artist Played The Lick or Solo Originally!

ENJOY! Check it Out Here on the Blog;

Or, Go Straight to the Site Page (this is where your downloads are)

Talk real soon okay?!
Doug Seve

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